Published on January 14, 2022

Vacant Void

Vacant Void is a Parkour map that takes over the resources of a world and is molded to make a journey above and below the surface surrounded by huge hot air balloons and incredible structures large and small to give it a more aesthetic touch. environment, Complete it individually or with your friends to show who is the best in Parkour.

The map seems that it is a single route but it is divided by fields connected to each other where there are also rest points to continue continuing, different structures molded especially for a single objective, there are no basic jumps but there are jumps with different obstacles and with different themes such as climbing a tower, running too fast, jumping too high, free falling (drooper) choosing the right path and flying through the air with an elytra, these are some examples that you will find on the map route.

 Recommendations: use shaders, some textures are not pretty. 

play in adventure mode.


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I fuck your mother, your map is trash as fuck, command are litterally garbage, get the fuck out to roblox.