Published on August 18, 2023

Valden City (Ongoing project)

Welcome to Valden City. Est. 2020, Valden City is an immersive roleplay server owned by: SpiredBusse, Pvpmaster7165.The city is divided into 5 districts.: (Central Valden, New Valden, Wobourn, Dove Wharf + Nine Elms and Hadlow Estate.)Each of which have their own personality.Valden is made of 40 plus builders, 30 of which have contributed about 10% leaving 5 main builders still active: Pvpmaster7165, SpiredBusse, Shadow, dyl518 and bubocka.



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is there like a robbery job in this map, NOOOOO i can't download it like instant enter the game like other maps😭
it can work on 1.20.10 when it dones?