Published on February 23, 2023 (Updated on April 04, 2023)

Vanilla Recipes v1.3

Have you realized you cannot craft all items in your SURVIVAL world? With this Add-On, you can! Not every item but essential ones for your vanilla world. Nothing overpowered, have a balanced experience crafting items you only find once in a lifetime!!
Saddles, horse armors, saplings and much more!

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  • Added cobweb recipe
  • Added Enchanted Golden Apple recipe
  • Fixed some bugs on recipes
  • Added Mycelium recipe
  • Added Glowing Sac recipe

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Here somes advice:
The amethys bloc can be made with 4 shard, but with your recipe we lost 3 shard if we want to stack them in blocks. Maybe change the recipe to Block give 4 shard ?
Is there no resource pack for this addon?
Oh never mind there is only a behavior pack and it works just fine!
Glad it worked! This Add-On only contains Behavior pack, same applies for future versions. Resource is no needed :)
the armor of chainmail had to be made of Chain
Update coming fixing the recipe as well as implementing new ones. Thank you