Vanilla Variations [V3 Out Now!]

This pack aims to provide a non intrusive variation pack with vanilla feeling textures. It changes over 80 blocks and includes 328 individual textures as well as including animated ores.

PLEASE  give feedback, bugs, or suggestions in the comments or here:

Not tested on android, ios, or xbox

Shaders used: esbe, duped clouds.

note: shaders are NOT included in this pack.

Nice pictures of it working (you may have to look closely)


to change between autumn and normal click the pack, click the gear icon, flip the switch, restart Minecraft


Changelog View more

- fixed tallgrass texture

- fixed bedrock textures

- added mycelium

- added mushrooms

- added tall fern

- added basalt + polished basalt

- added cracked blackstone bricks

- added autumn birch option

- removed crops

- added berries

- added bee nest

- added coal ore

- added all flowers

- added double tall grass

- added all glasses

- updated file naming scheme


Feel free to edit for personal use or to share with friends

no reposting to public places (discord groups, texture pack dl sites, etc.)

If you have any bugs, suggestions, or you want to contribute to the pack please fill out this google form:


Supported Minecraft versions




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43 Responses

4.9 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Slithers1000 says:

    also if there was a way for mobs to stay the random texture originally applied that would be cool so that they dont look different everytime you enter the world

  2. Slithers1000 says:

    only problem i found so far is that the autum birch leaves dont change in the inventory(they stay normal)

  3. Midcharboy says:

    Can i use the code for making my own pack. Like a public one. Cuz I dont know any other method and I was wondering if u could do it like this. I wont use ur textures that’s for sure! Anyways thanks alot

  4. Friedrich M8 says:

    verry good pack i like it i use it in my privat pack and it worked first try together with my resorses! 😀

  5. Seems like no one noticed, diamond, emeralds, gold and other shiny ores don’t have variations.

  6. ShiningFighter says:


    How about different designs of cakes?

  7. Hello men great texture is beautiful !!!!
    I would like to ask you please if you give me permission to put your texture in my new job which is shaders for low-end devices !!!
    Success Brother !!!!

    sorry for my bad English :c

  8. Fluffybuns95 says:

    Hey this texture great! If you can… add a tiny flower on the leave like better leave mod on java 🙂 Habe a nice day!

  9. Kcmata101 says:

    I was planning to make a port of the flower frenzy texture pack from java that adds different colours of flowers……. welp, good texture tho, it really makes the game more aesthetic.

  10. SpiderXGamesS says:

    You could change the texture of the sides of the beenest?????

  11. wait was I using the old grass texture this whole time??

  12. FireGinger says:

    Wdym remove crops?

  13. Ale Mcpe says:

    5 estrellas bro me gusto mucho la textura que texturas combinaste?

  14. Bluecreeper_Real says:

    Thank you very much! Finally a variation that doesn’t change much! This is what I will use now! the stone is perfect. My only request now is please make the cobblestone not only pattern I mean just mix them over. Overall this is a perfect pack and I recommend it if you want a vanilla world with little tweaks that make it perfect.

  15. And I say
    Wwooww and not brrrr…
    You acting sus by the way

  16. Lightn1ngTurtle says:

    are you using a shader in this?

  17. OOF lvl 1000 says:

    Pls send the zip version pls.

  18. Love the subtle details like the leaves, the I’m guessing smudged stone and the many types of vines.

  19. IBLESKIM says:

    cool pack its the best of the packs with all the variations I’ve seen so far

  20. Huh, I was going to make one of this kind of texture pack, but seems like now I won’t!

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