Published on March 16, 2023 (Updated on April 24, 2023)

M&L Vehicles

Just a simple vehicle pack that adds over 13 new vehicles to the game. These items are only obtainable in creative or by using the( /give @p ml:motorbike2) give command, they can be used to get around the map in style. These vehicles also utilize a fuel system which is used to make them move and function. The fuel system uses one block per point on the fuel scoreboard and can hold up to 10000. There are 6 different types of motorcycles included in this pack and each main motorcycle has a miniature version that you can ride. Motorcycles can fit one player whereas biplanes can fit two players and also pick up other entities. Trucks can fit 3 people and also provides extra storage space. Please leave any suggestions down below! *important*Any redistribution, Modification of code, or posting the addon without using my links is strictly prohibited. Please do not do so.  


-added NPCs to sell vehicles and planes


-added Fuel Pump to sell fuel


-added Extended Cab truck


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.                        -added currency pack link to utilize npcs


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can you plz make a different car genre like a batmobile that would be nice