Published on March 16, 2023 (Updated on May 06, 2024)

M&L Vehicles(Towing And Hauling Update)

It's just a simple vehicle pack that adds over 13 new vehicles to the game. These items are only obtainable in creative or by using the( /give @p ml:motorbike2) give command, they can be used to get around the map in style. These vehicles also utilize a fuel system which is used to make them move and function. The fuel system uses one block per point on the scoreboard and can hold up to 10000. There are 6 different types of motorcycles included in this pack and each main motorcycle has a miniature version that you can ride. Motorcycles can fit one player whereas biplanes can fit two players and pick up other entities. Trucks can fit 3 people and also provide extra storage space. The new Pontoon boat can fit up to three people on it and is a new fuel-powered boat that comes with a custom trailer for the truck that will be usable in the future to attach to the truck. Also added a new 3d version of the fuel can for decoration and an oil can for decoration.



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  • Added currency pack link to utilize NPCs
  • Cleaned up vehicle models and repainted truck
  • Changed links to lootlab
  • Tested Fuel system
  • Added new trailers and pontoon boat
  • Added fuel can and oil can
  • Fixed Npcs for trades to get vehicles from a salesman
  • Changed cover image
  • Added Big and small Tool Box
  • Added tires for decoration
  • Added tools for decoration
  • Updated model for truck
  • Changed cover image
  • Added Key System
  • Added Fuel System enhanced
  • Added Speedometer System
  • Updated Verification File For mobile app downloads
  • Added Showcase Video
  • added bronco
  • cleaned up models and textures
  • Animated Bronco and other trucks
  • Added attachable trailer and boat


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uses Mr husana909 vehicle
Wow this looks and reads great!
Hope you can update it to MC BR 1.20.80?
Could you maybe add a wooden Ship like a Paddle Steamer or kind of Steam Ship, maybe a for 3+ Person with a bit of storage for creations in older Ages Stile to make some expeditiions on the vast Seas :) Would be just greate!
really good. can u add a bus?
textures similar to mrhusana...
love the truck models and boats cant wait for the next update
i can't buy a Fuel and the vehicle from npc
What device are you on and feel free to join the discord server and i will gladly help with this issue
Great add-on!
Can u make apocalyse vehicles can be craft in survival? Please
what do you mean by apocalyse vehicles? I am working on making them craftable and survival friendly
Work on survival crafting?
Me gusta mucho la idea de tus addons, quise utilizar el de vehículos y el de las divisas, pero no entendí como funcionan las estructuras o donde están los npc que venden, estaría muy agradecido si me lo explicas por favor ❤️
Really good modelling mate, great mod.
can you plz make a different car genre like a batmobile that would be nice