Published on October 02, 2020 (Updated on December 16, 2020)

Voxel Shaders

Ever wanted to play with Realistic shader but your devices isn't capable of doing so?

Well worry no more..

Because I've created a shader with high quality and vibrant color with special feature you wont find in other low end shaders!!

Voxel Shaders features amazing stuff like glowing ores, vibrant world colors and much more!!

Thanks to these people for helping me;




-Technical GD



This shader has a lot of interesting features that you can enable or disable in settings file!


Water waves(Can be turned On in Settings file)

Water waves = ON

Water waves = OFF

Realistic Caustic (Can be turned On in Settings file)

Vignette(Can be turned On in Settings file)

Sun Reflection on grass and water(Can be turned On in Settings file)

Sun Reflection on Metallic Blocks(Can be turned On in Settings file)

~All the sun reflection features only appear when sunset/sunrise

Glowing Ores(Can be turned On in Settings file)

Normalmapping (3d Blocks)

(More Feature available on setting.h file)


I have asked Permission from every dev shader that i've used their code! 

Glowing Ores and Metallic Detection

~Wanze(Hspe Shader Dev)

Torch Code Base


Water and Caustic

~ By Me (DriftyzOfficial)


~ By (@Sana)

That's all for now..


There's a setting file in shader folder which you need to open before playing this shader to get the feature as you seen above.

You can disable or enable it there.

Download text editor app to open it

I will update this shader if i have time😁

Please do not steal any code from this shaders to respect our hard work on completing this shader!

If you want to review this shader just credit me by my youtube Channel;


If you found any bugs feel free to report back to me by my twitter 


Select version for changelog:


Some changes to the description 😊.

Next update coming very soon with Windows 10

support(might be made after android version released)


Download the file from the link(MediaFire)

Extract the files to com.mojang/resources_pack

Go to settings.h file in shader files to edit the settings!It's very easy to edit!

Start Minecraft and apply shaders



Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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does it support windows 10 now? and if it does can i get the link for it
There's a problem in the settings file of the shader where I can't save what I've edited. It says whenever I try to save: "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid mode: rwt"
Oalah orng indo rupanya
Puedes subirlo para la 1.17 por favor 🙏
These shaders made everything in my world black. All the textures are just pitch black
I have a bit of a problem... uhm how do you apply this on minecraft? I don't really get how so please I need help..
here is vid how to do
nvm i dont think links work
Like shaders
why isnt the rain reflecrion workimg
does this work on windows 10?
Is there a windows 10 edition version of this shader and can it run on RTX 2060 6gb ram and intel i7 10th gen with about 16gb ram
Hello i really love this shaders but can you make it so some blocks have reflection to the sun or the moon like oak planks and adding a sun beam would be nice and cool but still heres a 5 stars for ye :)
Can you make a version that supports beta besides that great shader
i hate it booo
do i just wait?