Published on December 25, 2023 (Updated on April 18, 2024)

Vulkanic Ultimate Pack 16x NEW 1.2.4

Welcome to Vulkanic ULTIMATE RP

  This is pretty good texture pack that can help you with low fire and fantastic styled items.

  Vulkanic ULTIMATE PACK gives you better items and beautiful skybox

  •  Low fire when you burn
  •  Beautiful sunset skybox
  •  New custom textures
  •  New custom Gear textures.

 Hello buddy. I present to you my pvp epic texture pack. This is pretty good texture pack that can help you in pvp.  Enhance Minecraft PVP with this sleek pack for optimized battles and improved resource gathering

This custom texture pack brings a fresh and unique visual experience to your Minecraft gameplay. With a focus on enhancing your PVP encounters, this texture pack offers a range of exciting changes.

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New Update 1.2.4

  • Added support for new versions 1.20.71, 1.20.72, 1.20.73 and newer
  • Improved shader and RTX rendering
  • UI visual improved and smoother
  • new crosshair (cross_hair.png)
  • visual hit effects.
  • Improved renderer for UI (hotbar0,hotbar_1...) and visual effects
  • Improved hitboxes for better pvp (entity----particle_model.geo, health.geo)

If you found issues or any other problems of this texture pack, please write it in the comments



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In the changelog, it says something about RTX rendering. Does this pack come with RTX shading or was that just talking about compatibility with RTX packs?
Just fixed glitching textures when I was using rtx pack, RP comes without RTX support but I using other rtx packs and overwrite them with this.
Its pretty nice for lw devices its good trt it
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yeah sound nice
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