Wands Pack

This add-on brings a lot of magical sticks that we call wands, it brings the starter wand, experienced wand, advanced wand, and the expert wand! It even holds a new item that helps crafts one of the wands!

Lets start off with the new item!

Iron rod:

This will be used to help craft the expert wand

Now lets do the wands!

Starter Wand:

Damage: 5

Experienced Wand:

Damage: 10

Advanced Wand:

Damage: 25

Expert Wand:

Damage: 100

Has every single good effect in the game but it has bad omen, it will also destroy blocks in front of you (only while holding) helping you create very good cave systems!

And thats all, if you have any problems then tell me, also subscribe to my YouTube channel please!

It would make me very happy, thanks!

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I didnt change anything, I will soon add more wands though!

I havn't made any changes yet but I will add some new wands soon!


Link to my Youtube:


Make sure your on bedrock and not on java!


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. KaazerKaasje says:

    It dont work in my world (i play on windows 10 btw)

  2. LouisV says:


  3. Starter wand is Kinda op for only using flint since golden Apples give Like 3 minutes of Absorption and a second of regen so flint and two sticks is better than a golden apple

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