Published on February 18, 2021 (Updated on June 19, 2022)

WATER MAN [Water Breathing Addon]

Do you wish you could become a fish, do you want to be a drown or a man who lives in the ocean, WELL NOW YOU CAN. With this addon you can become the ultimate water man.

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Changed the main download to game and the description to get game.

Corrected the versions it works with.

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Would it be possible to add an option for permanent depth strider and aqua affinity effect when underwater, and slowness and fatigue when on land?
Maybe you could make it that when it rains you can breath on land? That would be really amazing
oh nvm thought this just makes the player breathe water but still breathe air
Wait Wait Wait now am I gonna survive in the nether remember there is no water their
Unless you can swim and breath in water
I'm pretty sure you can just use cauldrons full of water, for some reason water doesn't evaporate if you put it in a cauldron.