WaterBreathing Addon (EN/RU)

This add-on will make you feel like a fish! You will lose the possibility of breathing on land, but you can breathe under water!

Can you survive survival with this add-on?

Thanks to him, you can breathe underwater and comfortably explore the depths of the sea, but you lose the ability to breathe on land, which will make survival more difficult and make you look at survival in a new way!

Try to survive completely with this add-on! So that it was not so difficult, the volume of the lungs and the recovery time of breathing were increased.

1.0.1 update:

● A new item has been added – sphere of breath. You will need it for crafting a shell helmet. Shell helmet will allow you to breathe unlimited time on land, but it has a fairly small strength, so be careful when fighting with mobs and especially in hell, often monitor its damage.

● russian and english lang were separated, for the convenience of the text in the description.

Sphere of breathing:



Count: 1

Max stack size: 1

New craft shell helmet:

For the addon to work, enable the experimental mode!

Changelog View more

Links to files were changed, at the request of the administration.


1. Follow this link.

2. Wait a moment and skip the ad.

3. Download add-on.

4. Open the add-on using Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-9746361564 says:

    Hi, can you change the link to Mediafire? Because the link ish you are currently using doesn’t work

  2. Guest-3143823842 says:

    The download works, but next time you make a mod, use adfly to media fire, it’s a lot easier for people downloading it. Thanks!

  3. Guest-9989009133 says:

    I can’t download the addon use media fire because google drive won’t let me. I’m sure the addon is great but please use adfly that directs you to a mediafire download, or use this website with mediafire

  4. CalvinGameing_YouTube says:


  5. Guest-1197765594 says:

    replace the link with adfly

  6. Yeah... says:

    Use or nothing else. Honestly, I am not going to complete the ‘steps’ on the website. I know you want to earn money somehow to gain support, but sending other people to untrustworthy websites are NOT the way to do it. I will change my rating until you fix the link.

  7. Professional complainer says:

    The download no work

  8. Anonymous says:

    The download no work

  9. Dettomi says:

    The icon is ugly it doesn’t fit into the game..

  10. Jairo says:

    Fix the download links please because y couldn’t comple those steps

  11. Tristan says:

    This does not work for me

  12. Sumrak_ says:

    This should be called squid addon

  13. Clarthen says:

    1. Download NBTeditor
    2. Open level.dat
    3. Set “drowningdamage” to 0

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