Waving Leaves and Water!

Vanilla minecraft isn’t that much lively but this pack will bring life to Leaves, Plants and Water!!! 

This pack simply gives leaves , plants and water a waving animation which looks pretty cool and lively. It is also pretty FPS friendly so those who cannot use shaders should probably use this!

There are already some texture packs that do this but this one is Special because it works in both Phone and Windows 10!!( I haven’t tried it on console or switch).

This texture pack adds waving animation to all leaves (except jungle) some plants and water.

Plants that wave( better seen in game cuz had to compress gif into 1 mb)


Vines,sugar cane,Tall fern,fern,Tall grass,grass,all leaves except jungle, stems of melon and pumpkin.

Waving water


THERE  is currently a bug in which texture pack applied to new world dont work to fix this simply go to world settings remove the pack then go back and again open world settings and apply the texture pack again. This will fix the problem.


I am the CREATOR of this pack and you are not allowed it to publish it anywhere without permission. If you want to make a video with/about this texture pack then give the link to this page NOT THE DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK.

If you want to publish it on some other website then give the provided link not your own link ir i will take necessary actions.

Also when i uploaded this pack first ,I messed up and uploaded my PERSONAL texture pack in which i have combined multiple texture packs from other creators and only use that PERSONALLY IN MY OWN WORLDS. I didn’t meant to upload that and only noticed after some comments were saying that i am using esbe shader,custom sounds etc. Now the download link has been updated and you can download the Waving leaves and plants only. Sorry for the inconvenience.


My channel link btw 


Changelog View more

Added support for 1.16

Fixed underwater being invisible

Uploaded correct texture pack


When you click one of the link , you will be redirected to adf.ly 

Wait for 5 seconds and click SKIP AD, do not click anything else.

Then a new page will open , if it isn't adf.ly then close it and go to adf.ly page

It will say ALLOW NOTIFICATION , and a pop up will keep coming , just ignore that and keep clicking BLOCK OR DENY , the page will refresh several times and you will be automatically redirected to Mediafire from there download the pack and open it , it will automatically import to your minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.16



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32 Responses

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  1. Guest-7780977385 says:

    I kinda like you’re texture pack (or shader) but can you please change the link to media fire. Thank you!

  2. Guest-6785845247 says:

    That was one hell of ads. But it is worth it. Thank you

  3. LarryTLlama says:

    Man! Those Adf.ly ads horrendous! It like:
    Buy this!
    Buy this!
    Want some free money?
    You’ve definitely won a free iPhone!
    Come on, you know you want to sub to me!

    They are soooooo annoying!

    • Ahmad Ramzan says:

      Sorry about that but its the only way to earn a tiny profit , after all i worked hard to make this cuz I am new to texture packs and shaders. If you have problems with downloading then follow the instructions under installation above

  4. WearyGuy says:

    Didn’t work. I did as you said, but it still doesn’t work.😞

  5. Guest-7632469184 says:

    I would love to have this pack but I don’t want to press subscribe on the adfly link, is there a way i can get passed that???????

  6. Guest-8673365197 says:

    this does not work on xbox for anyone wondering

  7. Guest-9457340991 says:

    You thief! You didn’t made this. The whole code is by MCBE_Eringi

    • Ahmad Ramzan says:

      Please stop making false claims if I REALLY had stolen any code from another creator mcpedl would not have accepted it. And i dont know who are you talking about. If you dont want to download it then dont.

  8. Guest-9912858951 says:

    Thank you for making this! I have one quick question though, I loose my nether fog when I use this pack and I do not know why. It would make a HUGE difference if you could fix this, thanks!

  9. Guest-7741688689 says:

    Perfect jas what I’m looking for thank you

  10. D00M says:

    from the packs manifest.json: “description”: “Custom Jukebox Music by Jake MCPE”, being you are adamant on asking for permission, you did not credit “Jake MCPE” for the creation of the manifest.json used for this pack…

  11. Guest-8085019146 says:

    Does this work on xbox or no

  12. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Greetings! CubeSteff3906 here, a fellow modpack maker for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. I love your work and have been looking for some similar mods to add to my medieval fantasy pack for a very long while. I do hereby wish to ask you if you’re okay with me using your mods, provided I properly credit you (I won’t be claiming any of the contents of the modpack as mine unless specifically created by myself) and that the pack will not be monetized. I don’t want to make money off your or any other modder’s work. So it will not be monetized. What do you think? Cheers in advance for your time!

  13. Yukami says:

    The shader file is from ESBE? You didn’t even bother to change the name

  14. Guest-9286631065 says:

    adfly link is broken for me

  15. Guest-5173658562 says:

    Is there any way you can update it to work with Render Dragon? This pack does say that it support the 1.15 beta, but when I apply it nothing changes.

    • Ahmad Ramzan says:

      I have written a fix for this above and for versions i mistakenly thought i was using 1.15 but i was using 1.14 on android. Dont know if it works for 1.15 and dont wanna join betta program again cuz its too much just to see if it works

      • Guest-8521706800 says:

        why did you steal this from the ESBE shaders and the manifest.json is from Jake MCPE, you are also telling us to not steal this when you already did

        • Ahmad Ramzan says:

          I have updated it , i messed up the first time i released it and shared my custom texture pack in which i have combined a bunch of stuff from other creators for personal use only. 😅

  16. Guest-2473648967 says:

    What program or application did you use to create this plugin?

  17. Guest-4361915597 says:

    Wow this is exactly what I needed for because I deleted shader mod for FPS issues. At least the foliage will look lively now haha

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