Waypoints+ The right Addon for Waypoints in Minecraft

Are you looking for a great addon for waypoints in minecraft but can't find anything? Don't give up! I am presenting you: "Waypoints+". This is the addon you are looking for!

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Hello, excuse me, because when I move away from a certain amount of blocks it stops working?
Oh thats good to know. Uhm i try to fix it soon, thank you
I'm getting excited to test out this new add-on! The description portrays it as a straightforward and efficient tool for waypoints, which is something I'm always looking to add to my realm. Does it have realm support? I'm eager to give it a shot soon! (a link would help!)
I dont know how to test a realm support... So I can not answer this question. sorry
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I uloaded it to curseforge to. This webiste wont let me paste links in, but i can give you the name of the addon on curseforge:

Waypoints+ Addon for PE, Win10

Im working on a link to download but MCPEDL is buggy at the moment(There should be a link to download, but it isnt lol)
where link? i can't see link download