Published on October 02, 2020 (Updated on October 08, 2020)

Weaponry Addon v2 [1.16+]

Have you ever felt there wasn't enough weapons in Minecraft for use? Or your a bit bored in your survival world as you have every considerably good weapon in Minecraft? Or your a person who likes to try out new addons for your Minecraft world?

Well, you've come to the right place!

This addon introduces 36 NEW weapons some with unique abilities, and some made for fun or for simply to collect, each with their own custom recipes. This addon is perfect to add more variety to your survival world, or you can use it for pvp purposes and have fun!

Have any ideas for weapons? Feel free to showcase your ideas in the comments and I may pick your idea, who knows?

Here are the weapons located in the addon!

-Creeper Sword

-Lapis Sword

-Redstone Sword

-Coal Sword

-Dirt Sword

-Diversity (Health Boost Ability)

Satiation (Gives more Saturation which is hunger bars when held)

Saturation Material (Is needed in the Satiation Sword Recipe)

-Hell Sword

-Demon Sword (Fire Resistance Ability)

-Invisible Sword (Invisibility Ability)

These are invisible fragments, these are used in the invisible sword recipe!

-Slime Sword (Jump Boost Ability)

-Sword Of Darkness (Night Vision Ability)

-Giant Staff (Become A Giant With Increased Health And Size!)

Ocean Sword (Gives Water Breathing When Held)

-Shulker Staff (Allows you to fly up in the air)

-Wither Scythe (Knockback Resistance Ability)

-Sword Of Light (Increased Speed, Like a LOT)

-Moon Sword

-Natures Gift (Natures Retaliation Ability Which Gives Regeneration, And Does a TON Of Damage)

This recipe is a shapeless recipe, meaning that it does not matter where the items go in the recipe.

-Tranquility (Ultimate Lifeform Ability, gives absorption to the player, and if used correctly it can be used for infinite health, it does A LOT of damage.)

-Excalibur (The Strongest Sword in the Addon and Introduces Hero's Might Ability Which Gives Resistance)

This item is known as Golden Essence, this is needed in the Excalibur recipe, this recipe is also a shapeless recipe meaning that it doesn't matter where the items go in the crafting grid.

The New Update Introduces a Variant of most swords which is known as the Waraxe

All swords except, Satiation, Giant Staff, Shulker Staff, Nature's Gift, Tranquility, Excalibur, Wither Scythe, and Diversity. Can be made into a Waraxe Variant.

This recipe is a shapeless recipe meaning it does not matter where the items go in the crafting grid.

In order to craft a Waraxe you need a material known as Transformation Material (Waraxe Variant). This can be crafted with the recipe below.

Want to give your self a weapon in creative mode? Simply do this command!

/give @p mta: 

Please report any bugs in this addon, also if you feel as if a weapon is too weak or too strong, please report it in the comments and I may balance it out! Thanks, and enjoy! :)

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-Added 16 new weapons into the addon

-Added 2 new materials (Saturation Material, and Transformation Material.)

-Added new Waraxe variant which makes up for 13 of the new weapons.

-Changed the download link to a .mcaddon link.

-Replaced swords in the description with "weapons"


Please click on the .mcaddon link to import the addon semi-automatically into Minecraft!


  • Weaponry-Addon_1602097052.mcaddon

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4.33 / 5 (6 votes)
Figured it out, Recourse pack doesn’t work.
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The file comes with a recourse and behavior pack in 1 file. How do I split them so I could put it in my minecraft recourse and behavior pack folders alone?
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The resource pack doesnt work
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I've just recently downloaded your addon, was very impressed by your ideas, but the behavior pack has issues after download. First of all, upon installing, it also downloaded a resource pack called, which has blue pack picture. Also, after attempting to apply your behavior pack, Minecraft gave me a warming that the behavior pack is missing dependencies. I decided to check storage and turns out there were warnings for this pack. It has two issues, the first one is:
Missing dependency with ID '816942c0-d6e1-41ae-948e-00a8fb9d986e' and version '1.0.0'.
The second one is: Missing dependency with ID '816942c0-d6e1-41ae-948e-00a8fb9d986e' and version '1.0.0'.
Although there were errors, the pack seems to work just fine, but without textures or functionality. I tried to give some of the items included in the addon, i was successful, but it had no texture, name, or functionality. Is there any way to solve it?
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Can you tell me your Minecraft version? Also strange, might look into it! Thanks! :)
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I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I am on the latest version. There is a bug you need to fix.
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Also, I am on PE.
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worst addon ever. I'm kidding, its actually really good! good job!
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The file comes with a resource and a behavior pack in 1 file. How do i put this in my game? I don’t know how to split them.
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Great mod, works great on Xbox one
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Great mod, works well on Windows 10! Is there any way to get the sword recipes onto the crafting table recipe book?
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Hey! Good question, unfortunately due to the boundaries of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, it is impossible for me to add recipes appear in the crafting table recipe. But, when comes out, I will be able to add it on the crafting table recipe book! :)
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