Published on January 18, 2024

Weapons Plus

Add New 3D weapons to your Minecraft world! Weapons Plus adds balanced damage weapons for minecraft bedrock that are craftable and repairable. These weapons are balanced and have vanilla texturing and crafting on the crafting table.This mod adds the following weapons: Katana  (+7 Attack Damage, mallet  (+7 Attack Damage, metal mace (+7 Attack Damage), tree stick (+5 Attack Damage), bamboo stick (+5 Attack Damage), caveman's club (+5 Attack Damage).

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Version 1.0 of the mod, do not pay attention to this text.

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katanas holding place should be longer pls make it better next update
You should add a -Iron great sword (9 damage but slowness 1 in hand)
Add sandals ๐Ÿฉด