Published on July 31, 2022 (Updated on July 15, 2023)

Wither Boss Redesign | Texture |

A rework of Wither that makes him seem scarier. Featuring a different looking main head and two normal looking ones that rotate around the body and display the prized star. Very scary.

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- Add another design for the minecraft wither boss with arms, a single head and a symbol on his back. Their projectiles also have a different design.

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where is the download link for v2 version?
it’s above the old one, my response is late because why not
To Download it you are FORCED to install a virus, this is also an issue with some of your other addons and I want you to notice this, I will probably also post this on your most recent addon because it has the same thing.
because what you say? it's just downloading the file, it never asks to install anything.
People often don't know how to properly use linkvertise (I was one of them some time ago)
Other times people just get weird redirects (like me now) but nothing that one can't just cancel and close
U so dummy bro , Media fire are being attacked all the time, some attackers put an apk or exe file when u download something , all u have to do is deleting the malware file and only install the addon