Published on February 11, 2021 (Updated on February 12, 2021)

Wool Survival (Beta 1.0)

Welcome to Wool Survival! A world where everything is soft and vibrant. This is a builder-friendly addon that completely transforms your world.

This is a standalone addon, meaning it is likely not compatible with other addons, nor is it intended to function with them, and doing so will not result in the intended experience. 

IMPORTANT: This is a BETA, it may not be stable in some cases and all content is subject to change.

Do not reproduce this addon or any of it's assets without my consent.

Explore a new world. Build a massive kingdom. Spelunk to your heart's content. Fight a horde of monsters. What you do is yours to decide. When the world is made of wool, It truly can be weaved into whatever you want.

Recipes that don't show in crafting book (due to a Mojang bug):
(Looms are the wool equivalent of crafting tables and heavy looms are used to make metal and crystal items.)

 Glass (4 Sand)

 Heavy Loom (4 Metal Blocks)

 Loom (4 Planks of any type)

 Metal Block (4 Metal Ore)

 Planks (1 Log of any Type)

 Plated Bricks (8 Stone Bricks, 1 Metal Block)

 Snow Block (4 Snowballs)

 Snowballs (1 Snow Block)

 Stone Bricks (4 Stone)

Join my discord server for tips, questions, and news!


The main developer wearing a set of crystal armor

and holding a pair of crystal shears.

A snowman attacking a zombie

A small tower, built with stone bricks.

Armored Monsters Protecting A dungeon

A Player mining metal ore and crystals

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-Added discord server invite to the description field for future reference.

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4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
Its really good i like it 👍👍
Make it popular 🙂
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Glad you enjoy it. The full release is W.I.P and my discord will be updated with any information. (In terms of popularity, there's also some plans regarding that.)
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Why don't you separate the addon and the texture? I love how you make the vanilla world into a literal wool
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All the blocks and items are custom-made, so the textures wouldn't crossover exactly. While the atmosphere created by an all-wool environment is very cozy and fun, It was chosen specifically for the addon's builder-friendly and sandbox-friendly features, and separating them wouldn't be as effective, so I have no intentions of doing this.
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This is a really awssome addon is orginal and it's very fun to play.
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Is this a Texture Pack or a addon?
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This is an addon, But it replaces every vanilla item and block (Currently slightly buggy, though)
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Wow this actually looks like a really cool minecraft speedrun challenge.
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This isn't meant for speedrunning, mainly because it doesn't have an end to it. It's a sandbox addon that removes a majority of vanilla structures. You can't even beat the game since obsidian is yet to be implemented.
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