Published on November 15, 2022 (Updated on May 16, 2024)

World Wild Animals Addon | UPDATE

This addon adds animals from all over the world. Each individual animal function differently and has its own uniqueness from big elephants to the cute penguins. each Update for this addon will focus on one Minecraft biome

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Birds update



-added Kakapo

-added Pelican

-added Shoebill

-added Flamingo

-added Peacock

-added Seagull

-added Crow

-added Emu


NEW ITEMS /blocks

-Crow feather

-kakapo helmet

-kakapo feather

-flamingo feather

-flamingo statue

-emu egg

-rainbow feather

-rainbow potion

-cooked emu egg




-cricket are now breedable with seeds and yellow flowers

-increased orcas attack dmg from 3 to 8

-updated tapirs baby texture

-cendrawasih now have extra baby chance when bred

-tapir now have extra baby chance when bred

-hummingbird now have extra baby chance when bred

-ostrich now have extra baby chance when bred

-updated elephants saddle texture

-updated butterfly’s red texture

-Updated the raccoon fur texture

-zebra now avoid lions and tigers

-reduced seal attack dmg

-reeduced seal land speed

-orca can now be fed ice blocks

-orca now attacks penguins and seals

-increased orcas speed

-seal and penguins now fear orca

-hamster no longer drop leather and beef

-updated gorillas texture

-updated gaint squid colors

-updated gila monster texture




-updated aardvark walk animation

-updated bark scorpion attack animation

-updated beekeeper walk animation

-updated brown bears attack, walk, and idle, eat animations

-updated butterfly fly animation

-updated capuchin monkey walk , sit and climb animations

-updated capybara walk animation

-updated cendrawasih fly animation

-updated crickets walk animation

-updated deers idle, walk, avoid animations

-updated desert owl fly animation

-updated elephant walk animation

-updated ferret sit and walk animation

-updated fire ants climb animation

-updated gaint squid swim animation

-updated gazelle walk animation

-updated gelada monkey walk animation

-updated gila monster walk animation

-updated giraffe walk and idle animations

-updated gorillas sit and walk animations

-updated  hippo swim and walk animations

-updated hamster walk animation
-updated kangroo walk animation

-updated lion walk animation

-updated lynx walk and stalk animations

-updated manta ray swim animation

-updated meercats walk animation

-added attack animation for orca

-updated ostrich walk animation

-updated penguin swim animation

-added new prairiedog idle animation and updated the walk animation

-updated racoons walk animation

-updated red panda sit and walk animations

-updated rhinos idle and walk animations

-added idle animation for road runner

-updated saiga walk animation

-updated seal walk animation

-added new In Water animation for the snapping turtle

-updated sulcata turtle walk animation

-updated tapir walk animation  

-updated tresher shark swim animation

-updated tigers walk animation

-updated yak walk animation

-updated humobacks whale swim animation

-updated zebra walk animation



_added orca idle, hurt and death sounds

-added flapping sounds for the desert owl and Hornbill

-added capybara idle, hurt, death sounds

-added hummingbird idle , flying and hurt sounds

-added ferret idle and hurt sounds

-added gazelle idle, hurt and death sounds

-added gelada monkey idle, death and hurt sounds

-added hamster idle, death and hurt sounds

-added humpback whale song and hurt sounds

-added lion idle, hurt, attack and warning sounds

-added lynx idle. hurt and death sounds

-added meerkat idle, hurt and death sounds

-added raccoon idle and hurt sounds

-added seal idle, hurt and death sounds

-added deer idle, hurt and death sounds

-added zebra hurt, angry, idle and death sounds


Bug fixes

_crickets no longer drop rabbit loot

-fixed orcas health value

-fixed lions extra baby chance

-fixed elephants step sounds

-fixed elephants sit position

-fixed lynx high pitched sounds

-added missing watermark to some spaw eggs

-fixed orca spawn egg txt

-fixed meerkat not having an walk animation

-Added all the missing sounds from the last update

-elephants that spawn on bred will now have the same amount of health and can be ridden



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for everyone having problems with the download please join the discord server and make an bug report with an photo or video
the whale's texture is corrupted
Please In the Next Update,

Here's Some Suggestions:

Pallas's Cat
Boa Constrictor
Tasmanian Devil
Blue-footed Booby
Hamadryas Baboon
Sea Otter
Striped Hyena
Emperor Tamarin
give capuchin monkey variants please. variants should be: Tufted Capuchin, Default White faced capuchin, blonde Capuchin, and weeper Capuchin.
Ahh awsome
where is the eagle?
Pls support 1.21
for everyone having problems with the download please join the discord server and make an bug report with an photo or video
the behavior won't lemmie download it.. it said it's not a valid zip code..
builderman addons enjoyer May 18, 2024 at 3:26 am
why i cant download bro. fix this problem again i love this addon
builderman addons enjoyer May 17, 2024 at 9:18 pm
add a tame ferret pls and a prairie dog go jumping if you sprint
The download is broken mediafire is expired
Jollibee vs mcdonalds May 11, 2024 at 8:00 am
Do World of the Wonders update pls

with new animals:

Pallas's Cat, Guanaco, Bison, Wolverine, Ibex, Woodpecker, Striped Hyena, Mole, Tasmanian Devil, Red-crowned Crane, Howler Monkey, Quokka, Frilled Lizard, Boa Constrictor, and Sea Otter.
this is a April fools prank
The behavior pack link doesn't work
wont let me download on mcpedl app