Published on November 15, 2022 (Updated on March 12, 2023)

World Wild Animals Addon | Honey & Bears Update

This addon adds animals from all over the world. Each individual animal function differently and has its own uniqueness from big elephants to the cute penguins. each Update for this addon will focus on one Minecraft biome

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Honey & bears Update - 


added brown bear 

added beekeeper 

added birds in different colors

green brown blue red and pink 



Updated elephants texture 

Updated elephants model 

Updated elephants Animations

Update swans texture 


bug fixes

fixed elephants baby step sounds 

fixed elephants texture not showing 

fixed aardvarks spawning in birch forests

fixed some text issues for spawn eggs

fixed gazelles speed 

fixed humpback spawning 

fixed cendrawasih flying Animation 


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RagingMalevolence‎‎ March 18, 2023 at 11:50 pm
Does this need experimental gameplay? Which features?
Es compatible con la 1.19.70?🥺
I am a China player, can you translate and share your excellent works with more people, so that more people can know about you! I will keep the link of this page, as well as your Twitter, tubing and other contact information, and we promise not to make any profit!I hope you don't refuse cruelly.
And do you have the update of having your own ideas?..
Hi, can I republish your addon ? I will not change other files, only translated into our country's language, I will attach the original download link and author
My Twitter: LineXic, My Facebook: LineXic,and my Instagram: LineXic
please authorize
will there be snakes capybaras or something from the amazon rainforest?
The elephant is missing texture. :(
Will be fixed in the next update
Amigo tengo unas sugerensias para proccimas actualizasiones

Tamandua gigante este apareseria en junglas y savanas se podria domesticar con hormigas este seria el enemigo de las hormigas de fuego domesticado te seguiria y se sentaria te defenderia del los enemigos

Pajaro carpintero apareseria en mega taigas picoteando arboles se podria reprodusiria con ojos de araña

Leopardo de las nieves apareseria rara vez en praderas nevadas y en las nuevas montañas este cazaria ovejas,pollos,cerdos,vacas, pero seria neutral para el jugador se reprodusiria con carne de vaca

Mapache apareseria en bosques sercas de rios este seria nocturno seria inteligente y astuto se podria domesticar con krill domesticado te seguiria y se sentaria
Pls pls pls answer I beg you. I love this mod so much and my favorite mob is the elephant, bUT.. the elephants face doesn’t have a color pleeeeaseeeeee fix it plEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE
It will be fixed in the next update
When is it pls fix it quick
fael(⁠⌐⁠■⁠-⁠■⁠)🥂🗿 March 03, 2023 at 6:04 am
Não sei se é só no meu dispositivo mas a textura do elefante está bugada:/
Se alguém puder me ajudar agradeço
nice add-on, but sadly you guys don't give credit to rysu for creating most of those textures
Maybe add poison dart frogs of different species and poison type and one that gives blindness
Eu n achei em nem um lugar sobre as corujas como que se encontra ela no sobrevivência e tem como domar ????
This mod is a great but why didn't you add orca and normal shark in ocean update, just suggestion bidet please can you add snow jaguar, python and anaconda