Published on February 02, 2023

X-Men Add-on

With this add-on you can become an X-Men character like Wolverire, Quicksilver, Beast, Deadpool and many more including their abilities, you can get them from your survival world and play with friends on servers. Addon created by ArathNido (Youtube)(Twitter)

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OMG I love this! please add Jean Grey and then Jean Grey as Dark Phoenix or White Phoenix of the Crown. Magneto too!!!! Omg I love you!
hello the it's soo good the xmen is amazing but I wish you added dark phoenix and wanda and polaris. it would be amazing er like pls make a update for this then I hate experimental gamplay it's the worst I play minecraft education edition and it doesn't have it pls no more experimental plss.
theturkishminecraftlegend February 05, 2023 at 1:44 am
hi can you make us a compass mod that can teleport us to a structure at any time that can teleport us to a biom
Great addon and easy to use, my sever loves this.
Can you make a power rangers addon plz with animation
Can you add daken, magik, weapon hex and juggernaut?
love itt please keep updating it
i keep finding adamantium blocks commonly, and when i do it’s A LOT (like 10+ stacks of worth); can you tone down the spawn rates.. by A LOT?