Finally, it’s here! XENOCRAFT! Which adds xenomorphs from the Alien movies made by Ridley Scoot into your world! You can find in its beta every xeno from the first 4 movies, like the newborn, or the runner xenomorph!

(This addon was made by Xenocorp)

Xenocorp members:

Alphaxenopete82(concept art maker and modeler) , pixel 206(texturer and modeler) , the plagued knight(modeler and block texturer), xhope(coder and modeler), friendly xeno(modeler), ValiantVirgo(item maker), xenobane(animator).

1. Xenomorph: the normal drone.

The normal drone was 1. Seen in the 1. Alien movie, but also in the great game alien isolation made by Sega. They just hunt for their hive.

2. Xenomorph : the worrier

The worrier was 1. Seen in the 2. Movie Aliens. These guys protect the queen xenomorph. Also there guys are bulkier and stronger then the average drone.(model made by smaug049)

3. Xenmorph: The runner 

The runner xenomorph was 1. Seen in alien 3. This boy burst out not of a human like the worrier and drone , no he burst out of a dog. He is the fastest xeno species but do not have a  use for the hive.

4. Xenomorph :the newborn

The newborn was 1. and last Seen in alien 4 . He is a human/xeno-hybrid wich kinda burst out of the queen xenomorph because she was somehow pregnant like a human.

5. Xenomorph: THE QUEEN

The queen xenomorph was 1. Seen also in aliens but also in alien3 as a chestburster and in alien 4 , but also in the 1. Alien vs Predator movie. The queen is the ruler of the hive and lays eggs. Like a ant queen.

Now we come to the eggs.

The eggs where seen in every alien movie. these contain the parasite called face hugger.

The facehuggers jump on it face and infect u with a xeno embryo.

When the embryo has been grown in u a chestburster will burst out of you these guys grown then to a xeno-drone.


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30 Responses

4.9 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Memer12345 says:

    Just copy the java alien vs predators mod

  2. For the Alien Isolation map I have changed some values and behavior… I wonder if it’s intended that every alien can climb up all kind of walls, even hovering ones.

  3. Awesome! Stunning work!
    These Aliens are perfectly controllable per command, have cool animations and right behavior and do have a fitting hitbox – can I add this addon to an very detailed Alien Isolation recreation I made? You can check the World, it’s only a month there…
    Of course I will credit you guys if I’m allowed to use it!!!

  4. MTF-Unit_Epsilon-11 says:

    Finally a complete alien addon I have waited it for a long time now I can dead happily

  5. payten sharks says:

    i think i can agree with everyone when i say i want predators and mabe 3d guns

  6. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Addon is very cool! Please, add Predators and soldiers!

  7. Purpleking says:

    And make where face hugger hug / eat every thing face

  8. Purpleking says:

    Make the egg open No more face hugger come out and make the face hugger attack everything and add predator plz

  9. Insanity Sans says:

    make the face hugger in the middle not the top

  10. lilmaniac07 says:

    Hey cool addon will you be making a Predator addon? or will that be a update.

  11. Fantastic! Great animations and textures, could you add other aliens like Face Huggers, Red Xenomorph and Neomorph?

  12. Xeno-corp says:

    Also I forgot to credit lucid for helping us on the code ^^’ So lucid when u read that u am sorry^^”next update I will credit u 1. ^^’

  13. M.M.16 player says:

    What can I credit you I made a video for addon

  14. Stick Boy says:

    They need to be more aggressive, that’s what they’re infamous for, they kill everything they see, so it should be like that in game

  15. Mr.Valentine says:

    Yes yes yes

  16. SoloYolo3399 says:

    I will be watching this addon for sure 🙂

    I would say look at the Java AvP Mod for research on what you could do better or improve on.

  17. Xenofid3567 says:

    This is awesome I been wanting a xenomorph mod can you do an update like more xenomorphs

  18. Misael david says:

    Es el mejor addon de alien que he visto , podrias añadir más aliens antagonistas no solo de las peliculas , sino de los videojuegos , por ejemplo el protomorfo , el neomorfo o el alien deancon ? Mut buen complemento sigue asi crack 😀

  19. Stick Boy says:

    It’s really Good! I only have some complaints but they’re just nitpicks: The arms and legs of the drone are a little too thin in proportion to their body’s, it makes the drones look like cartoony buff characters, the animations could be a little better in general fo all of the mobs, but other than that, this addons is really really good, the first true xenomorph addon, I can’t wait too see where this goes!

    • Stick Boy says:

      Found a bug or at least something you guys should fix: When being attacked all types of xeno except the queen) don’t attack back, I spawned a wither and even tho they were being shot at they didn’t fight back, like the wither wasn’t even there, but this addon is in beta so I can’t complain too much

  20. Xx69_Florin_69xX says:

    I haven’t downloaded it yet, but it alredy looks great, as an Alien fan I alredy like it

  21. Xeno-corp says:

    Oh we know we just wanted to keep it simple for people wich r not that much in alien^^’

  22. Arachnology_Bruh says:

    Not to be that guy but the eggs are called Ovomorphs not Eggs.

  23. Blue Raptorex 16 YT says:

    Finally Its Out!!!!

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