Published on July 06, 2022 (Updated on January 06, 2023)

Optifine Grass

Optifine Grass is the resource pack you've been looking for! This resource pack adds variety to the side block of grass, podzol, mycelium, path, snowed, crimson and warped nylium. It will enhance the aesthetics of your world.

This resource pack is inspired by Optifine Minecraft Java Edition. But, i don't use any assets from any texture pack.

This resource pack is compatible with all resource pack.

Select version for changelog:

  • Changed name pack from Java Grass to Optifine Grass
  • Changed UUID for Optifine Grass v2.1
  • Update format (terrain.texture.json)
  • Bug Fix & Optimization


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can you rise up the change of spawning full grass?
Yes, in the next update I will add a subpack to choose how much full grass is
notch is the on how made Minecraft and jeb
This is noice but its not java grass. Still good
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