Published on July 24, 2021

YAMAN PvP Pack (r1)

A shiny and minty PvP pack that is currently still being worked on! This first release lacks many essential things that a PvP pack would usually have, so consider this a "pre-release" of sorts. Please enjoy it in the meantime!


  • YAMANpvp_r1up7ac1.mcpack (2.31 MB)

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Yoo i love the pack but when i download it again it's... I can't download it anymore pls fix this thanks
Here's a few ideas to consider: low fire, Shorter axes, smaller snowballs, smaller eggs, glass with only border, clean planks, round logs, shaded logs, cleaner wool, short shield, custom skybox, smoother grass blocks, lower tallgrass, make netherite blocks consistent with the netherite armor color, crossbow indicator, shaded crossbow, better fast leaves, shaded eye of ender, gg totem (for hive) more particles, shaded cobblestone, shaded stone bricks, lower grass block sides, brick block variation, make armor bars look like diamond chest plates, make half armor bars look like (full) iron chestplates, realistic shaped diamonds, remove swinging sound, swinging then hit sound, add more satisfying player damage sound, wooden plank texture for chests, make arrow item look like the arrow in the bow, darker stone, make smoke particle effect from killing mobs look like troll face, add a rickroll music disc, aqua colored water, consistent chain and leather armor textures, better explosion sound, lol tnt and lol explosion particles, what meme spyglass, whiter snow and greener wheat.

wow thats a lot of ideas, I pretty much just came up with an entire pack :/ oh well take them leave them idc ill probably just make an edit of your pack that has those features so eh.
I like your pack and I'm looking forward to upcoming features
I like how you stayed true to old minecraft and used the old ores :)
P.S don't change it
Nice Pack :3