Published on February 24, 2021 (Updated on January 21, 2024)

You Are Now Fish!

Have you ever wanted to BE like a fish and drown in the air?

Wondering how to collect resources in the water? don't just briefly exit the water and get your stuff! It that simple you are now a fish in an infinate world.

Just as long as you didn't spawn in a desert or mesa Lol.
Why wouldn't you want that?

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Wait isnt this like water man another addon i saw and how are u gonna survive in the nether cuz there is no water there unless u can swim and breathe in lava (which u cant, u cant even see )
fish dont go in the nether
Then you cant beat the game
Water breathing potions
Oh wait no you need to go to the nether for that
Unless you add a way to fish them up or loot them from chests
Their are hidden treasure chest with water breathing