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Yummy Food Addon: Lots More Stuff Update

Update 4 is here, showcasing 94 items,including food,  ores,  blocks and a mob! Try not to get an brain-freeze while enjoying a refreshing ice-cream! Milkshakes, ice tea, burgers and many more were added


Note from Dev.

Some textures for the recipe book is not up-to-date! The new textures in the recipe book is a "test" so I can see some feedback from you guys. The UI changed in some ,like donuts.

Answers to common questions

The creative menu: At the moment the only way to get food is threw crafting and /give command. I can't add them to creative menu, unless I make them spawn eggs, but that can get messy, so I choose not to use them. I am trying to figure out a way to do it! Hope you guys understand

What is new!

  • Added a soda machine
  • New soda drinks
  • New crops
  • Updated the recipe book

What is in this pack?

Item list from first picture:

  1. Fish Pizza
  2. Meaty Pizza
  3. Mushroom pizza
  4. Cooked horsemeat
  5. Shusi
  6. Raw calamari
  7. cooked calamari
  8. Coconut ice-cream
  9. blueberry ice-cream
  10. Black tea sachet
  11. Black tea
  12. Black Ice Tea
  13. Rooibos tea sachet
  14. Rooibos tea
  15. Omlette
  16. fried egg
  17. Napoleon Ice-cream
  18. Vanilla ice-cream
  19. Sweet berry pie
  20. Potato pie
  21. Carrot pie
  22. Coconut
  23. biscuit
  24. bread dough
  25. chocolate ice-cream
  26. raw donut
  27. vanilla donut
  28. chocolate donut
  29. plain donut
  30. sweet berry donut
  31. Glazed donut
  32. cookies donut
  33. Strawberry ice-cream
  34. Brownie
  35. Strawberry donut
  36. Cinnamon donut
  37. Suger coated donut
  38. Blueberry donut
  39. coconut donut
  40. Mango
  41. Cinnamon block
  42. Raw Cinnamon block
  43. Cinnamon ore
  44. Cinnamon
  45. Salt block
  46. Raw Salt block
  47. Salt ore
  48. Salt
  49. strawberry
  50. vanilla
  51. blueberry
  52. Rooibos ice tea
  53. green tea sachet
  54. green tea
  55. green ice tea
  56. herbal tea sachet
  57. herbal tea
  58. tomato
  59. Vanilla milkshake
  60. beef burger
  61. Jelly sandwich
  62. coffee
  63. coffee bean
  64. herbal ice tea
  65. cheese burger
  66. chicken burger
  67. pork burger
  68. tomato soup
  69. Sweet berry jelly
  70. Banana milkshake
  71. cooked pasta
  72. chocolate milkshake
  73. uncooked pasta
  74. spaghetti
  75. blueberry milkshake
  76. horse burger
  77. bacon and cheese burger
  78. strawberry milkshake
  79. raw horsemeat
  80. meatball
  81. nightmare meat
  82. shulker meat
  83. miner's stew
  84. fish stew
  85. nether stew
  86. sunflower oil
  87. cheese
  88. trail mix
  89. cheese pizza
  90. bacon
  91. raw ravager meat
  92. bat wing
  93. Cooked ravanger meat
  94. Mud pig

TIP:  Some foods may give effects!

Recipes book!

Watch this video to see all the crafting recipe's


As this early stage of the pack! ,More updates will come soon! Be sure to leave a suggestion in the comments!!

Select version for changelog:


Added new soda machine

added soda's

added crops

updated recipe book


CLICK DOWNLOAD: Download both files!

Once installed, double click on it.

Minecraft will launch ,and install it for you

MUST: Enable experimental gameplay!

Enable pack at your world's behavior packs and resource packs

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.52 / 5 (23 votes)
pls update is great but you can add new features and make the plants better.
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OMG...THIS ADDON IS AMAZING!!!!! where do i start?! the easy download,how functional it is,the recipe book, and the fact you dont need commands to get what you need!! this is an amazing addon i love your work!!
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There is a bug and please fix it the plants and the machine soda is walking for the wheat??
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This is very weird, the Behaviour pack is installed but doesn't show up in my Behaviour pack list, so I can't add it to my world, I tried removing it from Minecraft but it doesn't show up in Minecraft's folder so I can't do that either. I tried installing it again and it says it's duplicated. Idk what to do please help me!!!!
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That is strange. Maybe their is a addon that clashes with this one? Try it without other addons, or just reinstall it from the page, I will see if it is a problem on my side.
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I have folders in com.mojang\behavior_packs simply named pack(1) pack(2) and other non-descriptive names. Some were even the same mod installed twice just different versions. Was able to figure out which mods were which by looking at the icon image provided.

Perhaps this is the case for you champion?
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hey dude, i found a bug in ur mod, it making Bread are unable to make anymore
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cool addon but my world is broken because i have to update my addon and now it says there's a problem with loading your world everytime i tried to get in my world. But the problem is fixed
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I hope this could work on realms too
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Can you please add a banana and banana pie
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Can you make plates to putt food on?
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I forgot to say cool food.
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Next update idea

-(Apple,sweetberry,and,chocolatier)flavored bread
-bigger cake(cake+cake)
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Ooh, great idea! I can believe I forgot apple pie >~<
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Hey sir how does the soda machine work?
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Thank you soo much for reading my idea. Love your content:D
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I’m working on a modpack for a YouTube series and I was wondering if I can add this to it? (This page will be linked if you say yes)
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Sure! Just check if the other addons don't change the how to play screen, as it may clash with my addon. Enjoy it ?
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You could explain how you did that.
I'd like to get it right, too. I'd also like to bring it closer to adding it to my addons
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hello a question, can I add some of these elements in my addon ?, I am working in a vending machine and selling villagers, my addon is also food and I would like to add villagers or new npc that could sell some of their food only if you allow me
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Um sure, just don't completely rip me off ?
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I will download if you get to 70 foods
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I'm working on the next update, and it will be a big one :] ,so far I have 74 food items and 2 ores.
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ok cool mod ^.^ Imma download now

you should add diffrent cookies like : chocolate strawberry vaniila bannana eclipse(chocolate 50% vanilla 50%) or any more you want that would be cool and thanks for replaying :D
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Oki ive tried on a new world, this addon doesnt work anymore at all for me. Sad i really liked this one. Guess i have to move on to another addon.
Thanks and see you hopefully in a new update.
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Sorry to hear that :[, have you tried reinstalling the addon?
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