Zer0’s Lab [Creation]

This is the lab which AgentCPU0, also known as Zer0 Studioz, does his Minecraft showcases. There are four different sections of the lab. The main lab includes test tubes for mobs and an area specifically designated to show off items and crafting recipes. Upstairs there is a multipurpose testing room which can be used for practically anything. The vehicle bay can test ridable entities. There is also an obsidian chamber which can be used for testing of explosives and weapons. The spaces have been built and secured primarily for showcasing add-ons.

Creator: AgentCPU0Twitter AccountYouTube Channel Updated: 10 May, 2019 (read changelog)


Terms of Use

You may not repost this to other download sites. If it is discovered, it will be taken down. You are allowed to use this in a video, but you must give credit to the creator and put a link to this page in the description. DO NOT claim it as your own build, even if you make changes to it. The map is posted to Dropbox, and does not use any external ad sites. If you discover a download that doesn’t match this, please report it to to AgentCPU0’s Twitter @AgentCPU0

Changelog View more

V4 of the lab is now open! Here's the list of changes:

  • Introducing the Lab Bus: a vehicle made of blocks with everything inside needed for travel (decorative only). Can be summoned and removed with a button*
  • Vehicle Bay garage door has been slightly improved
  • Fountain at the end of the roadway has been redesigned, and uses particle commands
  • Opening/closing of the Obsidian Chamber door was redesigned
  • Obsidian Chamber button panel was redesigned
  • Obsidian Chamber uses light blocks instead of night vision to see inside
  • All buttons perform their functions faster
  • Some buttons have added sound effects

NOTE: The lab used a ton of repeating command blocks. You can download previous versions to reduce lag, but you will lose certain features

*There is a bug in the game regarding structure blocks. If Show Bounding Boxes is set to false, it won't be remembered upon loading the world. This is not under my control, and is something Mojang needs to fix. You can temporarily fix this by looking in the structure block and exiting. The block is located at 199 2 18


    V3 of the lab is now open! Here's the list of changes:

  • No more breaking open the test tubes. Open and close the tops with a simple button press
  • Don't want the fans running? No problem. Press the button next to the hallway to turn them on and off
  • If you want to change between day and night, there's a new button in the upstairs testing room that can do that
  • Garage door changed from double smooth stone slabs to full smooth stone blocks
  • Need to be in Survival? There's a new button outside the obsidian chamber for that
  • Now when you change the size of the obsidian chamber, anyone inside will be teleported back in the lab during the change. If the door is open, it will close and reopen itself so you can't enter during the change
  • Obsidian chamber now uses /fill instead of /clone. The only chamber you will now see is attached to the lab
  • New button labels by obsidian chamber and in the testing room for less confusion
  • All command blocks are hidden underground

NOTE: This update features a lot of repeating command blocks. It is likely lower end devices may lag from this. You can download previous versions to help reduce the lag, but you will lose out on some features


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19 Responses

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  1. Guest-4341559663 says:

    Can I use this for a yt vid ?

  2. Gayrams2006 says:

    It can’t work… please send me Mediafire not dropbox

  3. EgDroneMind says:

    Great But I want to add something to the commands can somebody tell me the coordinates of the command blocks

    • AgentCPU0 says:

      The command blocks are in various locations, so I can’t give exact coords. But I can tell you where they are buried. First, all of them are outside, buried 1 block below the ground. The test tube lids are behind the large tube. The fans, day/night and water are to the right of the lab. Garage door is between the left of the lab and the road. Obsidian chamber door, night vision, and gamemode are behind that wall and under the testing room. Chamber size is next to the chamber itself, same side as the buttons. And between the chamber and the hallway to the garage is a Wither boss detector. Hope this helps

  4. Anonymous says:

    I cant download it on drop box Please add a meadiFire link, I know jow to work medifire and it would help a lot

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can you put this in mediafire

  6. ItsPug says:

    Prtty Good But Still You Gotta Make More Room

  7. YaBoiMimikyu says:

    Hm…. looks good gr8 for a map I’m making. But I could do with some help, if you want to help me, go on Xbox and write Superbirdgaming, and then we’ll get down to business. P.S. you need MCPE for Android to join my game.

  8. MemesAreKeyz says:

    Is it a flat world or a normal infinite world ??.?
    Is it ok if I ask if you can add and exit or if you can make another room with cosmetics!

    • AgentCPU0 says:

      It’s a flat world. It made it easier to build that way. There is a garage door now, so there’s your exit. And as far as cosmetics, the map is made with experimenting with add-ons and game updates in mind, so it’s more for functionality than anything. Sorry to disappoint on the last one, but hopefully your other questions are answered

  9. Dev says:

    Can I Use This Map To Make A Adventure Map??? I will share your credits.

  10. How did you... says:


  11. SovietUnionIsMyCity says:


  12. SovietUnionIsMyCity says:


  13. Arav says:

    I didn’t know that before

  14. Jenna says:

    This is actually pretty cool but why is it in a flat world? It would be nice if it was in a world with mountains and stuff so you could add on to it and add windows but it’s still pretty nice

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