Published on August 14, 2021

Zombie Horizon

A virus spread rapidly in Gathem City, and before it spread out the entire world, the president lockdown this city in a flash. Before the lockdown, some people are rescued. Other people get infected with the virus, and others like me (you, the player) were stuck in here.A broadcast appears everywhere in the city. Announcement to everyone in this city that the city will be bomb after one week, but there is still hope for us to escape.Go to the Gathem Horizon they said because there is a gate there waiting for us. To escape this nightmare I need to survive.



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Calculator Kun:No!!!!*Vanishes*
What 9 + 10? (i will rate if you answer)
Ahhhh! that is a hard question, is it 18 or 17? no 19 ahhhhhh

Calculator Kun: I'm here to save you Nerzival

Nerzival: wow really?

Calculator Kun: Yes and the answer is 44

Nerzival: WOW thank you calculator kun. Then my answer is 44

Calculator Kun: hahaha (evil laugh) you are wrong

Nerzival: NOOOO!!! you betrayed me

Sorry I'm a little bored