Published on June 25, 2023

Zombie Pigman Skin Pack

Zombie Pigman Classic Skin Pack:

Have you ever wanted to play with one of the most iconic skins in all of minecraft? With this skin pack it's possible, and not only that you'll be able to play with various textures of the original zombie pigman created by Xaphobia! Some characters include zombie animations!Xaphobia Skins:

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This pack includes up to 22 skins, most with zombie animations!


make more with all types of zombies (regular, husk, drowned, steve, and herobrine)
I might do it in a separate package, as it doesn't really relate to pigman
First! The Zombie Pigman Skinpack is here!
But when is that Normal Pigman Skin Pack going to be released?
very soon, thanks for commenting!