Published on May 12, 2021

Zombies Addon

In this new addon we will find a great diversity of totally new zombies which will have their own characteristics and designs, I invite you to see what this great new addon consists of!


Good zombie meat

This is a new item that we can classify as food, its name is good zombie meat, its operation is simple, it is a food that satisfies your hunger in good quantity, its preparation is with 3 rotten flesh on the crafting table.


Rotten flesh armor

This armor has a very natural and pleasant design, apart from that it stands out a lot, it is the armor made of rotten flesh, its manufacture is like that of any armor, only substituting the material for the rotten flesh, apart from this, this armor has something special , and is that his helmet has the ability to give you night vision II, try it!


Cannibal zombie

This zombie has as its main characteristic that it is very fast, comparable to the speed of a player, apart from this, it is the hottest zombie you will ever see, it attacks all the zombies that are nearby and of course also the player, another interesting characteristic is that when he dies he is one of the zombies that more rotten meat is going to drop you and of course his great design!

Bones zombie

This zombie is one of the weakest of the addon, as it is injured in the abdominal part, which lets you see its ribs. I mean that for this design I have based on one that I saw on the internet, so it is very similar.

Yellow zombie

This zombie has the most remarkable characteristic on its shirt, as it is of a different color, apart from having a bite in the abdominal part, it is also important to emphasize that the place where this zombie is most often seen is in the Taiga biome.

One-eyed zombie

This zombie has the characteristics of a common zombie, but has the distinction that due to the fights he has had with other zombies, now he only has one eye left.

Steve zombie

This zombie has one of the most distinguished designs, because it looks like a steve, that is, a player, who has not yet finished the transformation from human to zombie, for which he still has human characteristics, such as his possession of a stone sword , which makes it have a greater attack power than other zombies, its other important characteristic is that by still having human characteristics, it has a broader vision than normal zombies, because this steve zombie can feel your presence from several meters.

Headless zombie

This zombie design I have based on one that I saw from another addon, I don't have much to say, it is a zombie with common characteristics, but the peculiarity of not having a head hahahaha.

Armor zombie

This is undoubtedly my favorite zombie apart from being the most powerful, the zombie design is of a common zombie, with the only variation that it has yellow eyes, but with the great differentiation that it has the complete rotten flesh armor, apart of a diamond sword with which he can attack you with 7 points of damage, his health is 100 points, so you will have to give him many hits if you want to eliminate him. This zombie spawns naturally in any biome, but has a very low probability of appearing, defeating it will drop you several diamonds and rotten meat apart from the possibility that it will drop parts of its armor.

Thank you very much for having read the text to the end, and now I want to ask you a question. Would you like me to make an addon similar to this one, but from other mobs? Like endermans, creepers, skeletons etc? I await your answer in the comments, THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!


The installation is the classic.

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Wow FELICITACIONES AMIGO!!! eres muy bueno en esto, y si me gustaría que hicieras más mods de este estilo! Y el que más me gustó fue el de sin cabeza por que es muy gracioso
The steve zombie should be called herobrine zombie because of its eyes
If they have a great resemblance hahaha I hope you liked the addon!