Published on June 11, 2021 (Updated on June 18, 2021)

1850 Ender Update part 2 BETA

Are you looking for some new Adventures like new Biomes to discover, new ores to mine, new weapons to use, and new mobs to fight. Well download my Addon now

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Removed other biomes that cause the game to break

Added new Ender Forest biomes

Added new structures that can be generated in your word


Added new mobs. and blocks


Supported Minecraft versions

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how many HP does Nevobeigus have?
I hope you injoyed my addon, I did a lot of efforts to make this addon.
Muy buen mod me agrada en especial por que necesitaba mods que agreguen mas minerales y sinceramente te considero muy buen creador de mods incluso si puedes te pido que hagas un mod de mochilas compatible con otros porfis y ya estoy probando tu mod uwu