Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2 Addon

Do you want something scary, exciting, and fun to play with. Well i got the right Addon for you, Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2 Addon, with this addon Mr. Hopp and his Friends will chase you until you drop.


Thank you 

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Mr. hopp's Playhouse 2 Addon v0.0.8 Changelog

  1. Mr. Stripes now had Crawling Animation
  2. Miss Bo now Tumbles properly
  3. Few Bugs are Fixed
  4. New Code
  5. The Entity second Form will now roar when its blocked
  6. Mr. Hopp Plush will no longer look at you
  7. Mr. Hopp (2) is not dark anymore
  8. Mr. Hopp (2) Black Particles are gone



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Awesome addon! The animations of the characters etc, I hope that in another update that puts the other characters in the game, I really liked it.
Can You update it in 1.17.30
I would love it, specially this mod, I love playing this in 1.17.10. But i updated my minecraft. Pls can u update it in 1.17.30🥰🥰🥰🥰
can you make a map of this mod
This is dumb! Every time I download it the behavior pack is dead it just doesn't WORK!
Why my Mr hopps(1) bug *not have animation*
Can you fix it?
It does have an animations, i dont know what you've done but it works 1000000% no bugs. Try The Addon not don't believe bugs in YouTube or others