Published on September 07, 2020 (Updated on June 22, 2022)

2P PVP Arena

Fight to the death in this 2 player PVP arena! Gear up and get ready to fight your friends on this map! Can you prevail? Well, you have to try it to find out! With a lobby, normal mode, and hard mode with interchangeable options onto what you can use in PVP and what you cannot, the fun will never end. You can play as many times as you would like! Love it or not, it is a great way to practice your PVP and let you or your friends show off PVP skills and strategies! Countless hours were put in this map to make it perfect just for you. This map was originally for me and my friend MinecraftFan705 to battle in, but I made a decision to turn it into a map. Make sure to make a copy of the world before you fight with your friends on it. Even if you don't have friends who play Minecraft, you can still practice your skills on this, or change the map entirely!

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Added 1.19 support to this submission! I hope you enjoy!

For any questions, my Discord username is Antny Gamer#4548!



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I can’t gear up their is no stuff to use
WannabeGamer38393 July 14, 2021 at 9:13 am
Good map but the chests are empty >:[
Thank you. The chests are intentionally empty. They are for storage for the player.
Not able to play it on 1.14 for some reason. Tho it's looks cool so i'm giving it another star instead of 1
I am so sorry about that. It is possibly because of the nether update. If you do update to 1.16, you can download this and it will work fine. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Education edition takes years to update because the team is slow compared to bedrock and java's team. Education edition is on 1.14 with no character creator. It's like a bad version of bedrock edition.