Published on April 03, 2021 (Updated on August 21, 2022)

The Splashing Blazes

Just when you thought the nether could not get any better, well, it does! This texture pack changes everything found in the nether, from lava to wither skeletons! I have been working on this pack for a very long time, but I have been working on it the most very recently! This might be my last texture pack for a bit, so I tried to make this one extra nice! I have jampacked a whole lot of textures into a small file space without losing any quality. This texture pack is only 2.7 megabytes. Amaze your friends with the valiant blue overload! This is a one of its kind, so you likely will not find this anywhere else. Please read the text in the description and enjoy this blue-themed texture pack as you venture through the nether. 

Please Note: Every Single Texture In The Nether Has Been Altered In One Way Or Another. No Texture Has Been Left Unchanged. That Is Why This Texture Pack Took Expansive Amounts Of Time To Create.

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Hey guys! In this update, I fixed the permission textures not working / looking off in the game menu! Enjoy!



  • The Splashing Blazes - Download (2.68 MB)


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Faces are... um.. kinda creepy. Otherwise okay
Yea! They are supposed to look like that! Thank you for your feedback!
I only looked at the pictures but please remove the smiling faces
Good job!