Published on November 21, 2021 (Updated on April 03, 2022)

ACVS 0.2

Acvs is a tool that can replace mcpe camera to directional this effect gives vr looks a useful tool specially in filming





Note: Crash or Bugs  during game Pls Don't report this addon its still on alpha testing

this addon slightly turns regular minecraft camera on directional its can be noticeable on gameplay.        

PREVIEW VIDEO (For More Detailed Information's);

What Addon Can Do?

well !!

addon can change default game to look more angular on game screen, this addon only can be used with filming or recording on minecraft world able to modify angle of camera its can be more useful for minecraft showcase creators gives better cinematic camera angle



Select version for changelog:

  • optimize camera angle
  • adjust angle intensity to make more playable unfortunately fov not longer can be used can possibly make blocks position on wrong


this pack ready to use by on click on a file , its automatically redirect the game allow to open minecraft and enjoy :>

Supported Minecraft versions


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3.44 / 5 (9 votes)
Perfect it can serve me for my kinematics:)
This is so good for making a cinematic camera movement! Love it!
Also, i recommend you to hide hud and and hand when you are using this pack. Shader are optional but it will make it better!
the best pack ever. I can't stop using this pack it's amazing and revolutionary. I use this pack 24/7 and i talked for hours about this pack to my friends and I lost my friends because I can't stop talking about this pack. Amazing 5 stars bravo
Dude! I also lost my remaining braincells after using this pack because of how cool and unique it is! It changed my life, this pack is the best! Nothing in mcpedl can beat this pack. If only Dream used this pack, he could beat Technoblade. Any future speedrunners should download this, it will make your speedrunning time much much longer giving you the best Minecraft experience.
How did this get accepted by MCPEDL mod team?
No proper explanation , no good screenshots..
And then there's my pack i worked a week on , lying on pending since Oct30.
why is the video so long if it just makes the pack more confusing? it seems like this pack just makes turning around put you inside of blocks. why?
I think THINK it’s to make it look fast like if you were putting a camera outside a moving car that was doing circles the camera would start getting further from the car or like you when you go to this ride attraction where you get on seats and then it would start going in circles and the seats would start tilting because of how fast the ride is going and this texture pack is trying to recreate it I THINK
Whose kid made a letters soup
I didn't understand the meaning of this texture pack. It's like a kid found a loophole in shaders, and is now indulging in it.
This made me feel weird, amazing