Published on February 27, 2022 (Updated on September 09, 2022)

SimpleWarfare II V3 Entity & Vehicle Update

Hello guys, let me introduce this addon first, This addon is replace 3DSG Addon because that addon have so many bug and very annoying, I now update it and change it Into Simple Warfare 2 Addon with brand new gun animation sound and effect, and fixed many bug!

And now.. i updated this addon again in v2, in this v2, many minor bug like light block issue and grenade explosion issue has been fixed, i also add something new on this addon, and fixed some gun texture / animation

Select version for changelog:


-Revamped soldier

-Soldier now can be tamed using gold ingot

-Improved Soldier's Behaviour (Reload, Melee attack, and Run)

-Added enginer 

-Added 3 Raw scrap

-Added 3 new Scrap that can be ingredients to craft

-Added fuel Machine

-Added Scrap recycle 

- Added 2 new vehicle Heli and Humvee 

-Added Turret with bullet system 

- New Juggernaut : Black Juggernaut

- Added new Zombie : Crawler & Boomer 

- All ground vehicle like police car and humvee now have fuel system

- new loot

- New structure

- Wasteland Biome 

- Dead Body is no longer attacked, only walker will attack dead body


- New ability for entity

- Cone and Barrel (Decorative Block)

- Call Backup (calling heli that will deploy soldier and black juggernaut)

- Flare Bomb that will attract zombie with his smoke then explode in 10 second

- Added technuke : Summon nuke from a laptop (not perfect)

- New Melee Weapon : Tactical Knife/Military Knife

- New Bullet Recipe : SMG mag, smg bullet, etc

- Increased Damage of m4a1 tac from 6.5 to 7.5

maybe there is still more thing that i forgot to list


Supported Minecraft versions

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also, add tactical reload
Hi creator. Is this compatible with other mods?
Also the website is blocked along the east coast.
ideas :
- mobs textures whit more color variation/ shading
- increased damage for double shotgun, something like 20
- More guns: uzi, P90, Desert Eagle, beretta 92, colt python, SPAS-12, R870, M249, M60
- changing glock capacity to 17 to match the real life glock 18 (glock 18 is the only glock to be able of automatic fire)
This version is a lot better than simple warfare 1 there are good guns, cool animations, 3d models are detailed but doesn't fits out of vanilla style, the only problem is the textures that aren't very shaded but the others cool things of the addon compensates it
How do i craft guns, I cant seem to make some items
Do corpses disappear?
I was wondering the same thing
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hello map creator can I use your Toy Addon for my map
Is there a way to disable the spawning of the mobs that come with this pack (walker, soldier, peacemaker ETC.) i have already tried commands and it leaves bodies behind its for a server
You can delete the mobs files from the rp
Guys if u are having issues with dead bodies use command /kill @e then press enter BUT BEWARE IT CAN KILL ALL ENTITYS INCLUDING U! I hope u guys aren’t doing hardcore
Most of people know this command but still useful for those who don't
I cant see that much with the gun fire animation can somebody help me with this problem
Will the bodies despawn?
Nice profile image. Sketchy, but nice,
Does anyone knows how to clear the dead bodies since it makes my game really laggy and I can’t find it in the command
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How do I craft with the work bench it won't let me click it