Published on June 07, 2023 (Updated on July 26, 2023)

DyingDayZ Apocalypse 1.3 Attachment & BugFix Update

Low poly Post apocalypse minecraft bedrock addons. DyingDayZ Before it all started this addon is an addon that used for my adventure map, but it all canceled cuz making map is a very bored thing "for me" actually.. so i decided to turn all of that into new addon pack.. since my other addon, called "simple warfare" has many minuses and chaos.. thats why im lazy to continue that project, so lets start reviewing this addon.

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  • Revamped some gun, change the model from low poly into mid-poly
  • Added new vehicle Dirtbike
  • New 2 Hostile entity (Blob and Mad Scientist)
  • Added 3 new Guns (M1014, Barret M82, and UMP 45)
  • New Gun Attachment system features (6 Attachments)
  • Added new armor set with on/off night vision helmet
  • Removed Money, change it into 3 new scrap (Metal, Plastic & Electronic Junk)
  • New Food and recipe
  • New structure with new loot (file block, elite box and attachment box)
  • Trash-can now lootable
  • Added air support backup feature
  • Fixed multiplayer bug issue when using silencer and foregrip attachment
  • Reduced lag and more optimized particle to avoid frame drop
  • Balanced all entity spawn rules, now infected cant spawn inside your base and light place
  • Reduced 80% all kamikaze variant spawn rate.
  • Increased Hazmat officer spawn rate
  • New tradeable Items and removed HK G36C from hazmat trade list.
  • Improved UI & Added instant link download instead of downloading from my official web first


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Pinned comment
There may a bugged structure on 1.20.1 version.. try use 1.20.10+
Does this work on 1.20.30? If not then please update!
This mod is awesome, animations are so good it's impressive (i think you spend a LOT of time in this addon), there is a good amount of guns, textures are good and well shaded, nothing to say more.
bro structure nya gak ada nih cuman ada bangkai mobil aja
Can you make the behavior pack .mcpack
Attachment ilang pas player respawn
Tolong fix bug ini biar gk capek² nyari attachment
Can’t wait to use
can we turn off the fog?
Can we disable the fog with a command or no?
I was wondering the same thing
hai tolong perbaiki bug itu terus mogok dan mogok saya bahkan tidak bisa bermain lebih lama dan saya punya perangkat kelas atas tolong perbaiki, akan menyenangkan jika Anda memperbaiki bug jadi untuk saat ini saya akan menilainya sebagai 1
Bad experience it keeps crashing and stopping when i play i have a high end device and its annoying pls fix this!!
Hi I was just wondering how to activate the attachments dlc… I have been EXTREMELY excited to play them but they haven’t seemed to worked, I have it at top of behaviors, and all experiments on. Pls help me know what I’m doing wrong😭 LOVE YOUR ADDON ONE OF THE BEST IN MCPEDL!!!
IMadeA-AccountJustForThisAaddon August 18, 2023 at 12:41 pm
This is one of the best zombie addon 10/10.

The one thing I was hoping for was some time of boss zombie I'm guessing the special zombies are something like bosses but everything else is amazing
How do I reload the weapon? When it runs out of ammo I leave it pressed but it does not reload
I understood o please fix the night vision flicking I've being nauseous and if it's possible make an option to disable the fog, it's really bad for me but I know it's really cool who don't have any vision problems
very good😉👌