Published on June 07, 2023 (Updated on March 17, 2024)

DyingDayZ Apocalypse 1.4 Gun & Entity Update

Low poly Post apocalypse minecraft bedrock addons. DyingDayZ Before it all started this addon is an addon that used for my adventure map, but it all canceled cuz making map is a very bored thing "for me" actually.. so i decided to turn all of that into new addon pack.. since my other addon, called "simple warfare" has many minuses and chaos.. thats why im lazy to continue that project, so lets start reviewing this addon.

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  • Added new structure (factory)
  • Added FN SCAR (Attachables)
  • Added AK-47 Mod/Classic (Attachables)
  • Added 4 new grenade launcher bullet (basic, fire, poison, and special)
  • Added airdrop and flare-gun
  • Rifles, Shotgun, and Snipers now can be attached to character's shoulder by holding it on slot 9 hotbar
  • Laser now can be attached to Aug A3
  • 2 secret attachment (Can you found it?) clue : scope and mag and can only be used in 1 gun only
  • Added new attachment for handgun (9mm Silencer, Flashlight, and Red-Dot Sight)
  • Added inspect animation for pistol
  • Added 3 new raw can food : Sarden, Soup, and Pop Mie
  • Added Stove, used to cook raw can food
  • Added Flamethrower and Gas
  • Balanced lootdrops
  • Added Molotov (Craftable)
  • Added Police and Infected Police
  • Added flame juggernaut
  • Added Enginer (Scrap Trader)
  • Added Riot
  • New Armor set : Riot Armor
  • New Infected : Smacker
  • Replaced Striker into Double Barrelled Shotgun
  • Added new Rusty truck
  • New vehicle : Truck (Door Function)
  • Revamped Soldier and Hazmat
  • Improved Soldier's Behavior
  • Useless item : Deagle Barrel
  • Truck and fregon now immune to magic damage


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Pinned comment
forgot to tell.. to put attachment place the attachment on your inventory slot 1-4 (from top left) first slot is for muzzle (silencer), second slot is for accesorises (laser), third slot is for scope, and fourth slot is for foregrip
check my web if you still confused about using attachment
did the vehicle can damage zombie??
Hey. the attachments aren't working. i already Saw on mod description How to put attachment on Guns. and ir din't Works. fiz this
POOTIS GIVE ME A SANDWICH June 06, 2024 at 3:32 pm
why i can't shoot with DLC guns
best zombie dayz mod ever just a few bugs, cars always spawn everywhere even( in walls) after moved or fixed, minigun has a black line that shows up around the top of screen when you hold in your hand but as soon you select something else the line goes away, and blocks placed could be deleted after placed up to 40 blocks and the guns sometimes lag when shooting, and if a juggernaut is in your loaded chunk causes guns not to work at all and i ran this on pc with no other mods but this one
The remove fog command doesn't work, I put the command /fog remove or /fog @a remove, but it still doesn't grab the command, it says syntax error
why I can't use the attachment??
can you please make the soldier don't friendly fire each day other? and do not hit the player, I often killed by my soldiers or my soldiers kill each other because one is in front of them, thanks! good work btw
G’day mates,
I just thought I would say this map is just one word “Crikey”.
Oz, Brissie
Good day guys,
I just thought I would say this map is just one word “Awesome”.
Australia, Brisbane
The truth is that the mod is very good but it does not work when I want to equip the accessories to the weapons and there are some that, even if they are reloaded, do not fire
Can you please make it easier to craft stuff like adding a ui for the work bench
Does this mod also spawn a structure?
POOTIS GIVE ME A SANDWICH June 20, 2024 at 5:35 am
hello can you add some weapon and ammo because I can't find the other item
*FIXED THE RELOAD ISSUE WITH ASSAULT RIFLES* Ensure the “gatling” score on scoreboard is not over 1 or assault rifles that can use the M203 won’t shoot the grenade as it exceeds the queried score, nor will it shoot as it detects a grenade launcher function!
OMG thank you SOOO much!