Published on June 27, 2020

A Little Simple Spleef Game

Just a little, simple Spleef game. Spleef is a game where you need to break the block under the other players to make them fall into the void and die. This map contains 2 different arenas and 2 gamemodes. 1 arena has 3 layers and the other 2 layers!


  • Spleef.mcworld

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Why does the language need to be English or French tho?
Just curios
Really like your map, maybe you could add more things? Idk. 10/10 tho.
Thanks! And yes be sure to leave me some suggestions, what would you like me to add in the map?
This is not bad, me and my friends have enjoyed this map
Pretty decent map, I guess. Could add a bit more effort
Yeah, I know. This map wasn't supposed to be the best Spleef map, I just wanted to create one. At least I enjoyed creating it :D