A Little Simple Spleef Game

Just a little, simple Spleef game. Spleef is a game where you need to break the block under the other players to make them fall into the void and die. This map contains 2 different arenas and 2 gamemodes. 1 arena has 3 layers and the other 2 layers!

Just a little, simple Spleef game. This map contains 2 arenas; the first with 2 layers and the second with 3 layers, and 2 gamemodes (Classic Spleef & Snowball Spleef).

How to Play:

Your goal is to break the block under the other players to make them fall. At the final layer they will fall to the void and die! Last player alive wins.


-Classic Spleef:

Normal Spleef.

-Snowball Spleef:

In this gamemode you will have 1 snowball for every block you break. You can throw the snowballs to hit other players.

⚠ WARNING: For the Snowball Spleef gamemode to work correctly, your language needs to be set to French or English. ⚠

Enjoy 😀


  • CornetPanique86 (me): command blocks
  • VoitureSage5267: built the Quartz arena
  • Aaaand a random guy on Xbox that built the Nether arena BUT I don’t remember his nickname :'( if you read this tell me in the comments your nickname!


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-8306277530 says:

    Really like your map, maybe you could add more things? Idk. 10/10 tho.

  2. This is not bad, me and my friends have enjoyed this map

  3. NostalgicTimes says:

    Pretty decent map, I guess. Could add a bit more effort

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