All Trades Visible (with Bedrock Tweaks!)

Are you tired of not being able to see all the trade tiers when the villagers are at level 1? Well now this is solved! With this pack, you can see ALL the trade tiers for every villager!

Here is what the trading screen looks like on pocket ui, the trades are still visible on classic ui too.

Example with the use of trading plus:


This pack has an option to combine with Trading Plus and Quick Trading. I do not own those parts, see credits.txt for more info. I have permission from drav0011 to use those packs here:

Changelog View more

 - Added Trading Plus and Quick Trading

 - Fixed the description

Fixed the trading+ link, it was not working right because of a typo.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16


16x 32x 64x

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29 Responses

4.85 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. ZekeGaming07 says:

    Wow cool pack! What if u merged the quick trade, all trades visible and trading+, this resource pack will be OP!! pls do it

  2. Me seeing a trash trade: OUT!

  3. Blackcat2960 says:

    Can I use this in realms?

  4. marieee says:

    I cant open the trading+ link????

  5. Ao_JuN says:

    Can you please add trading+ and quick trade from bedrock tweaks to the pack and have a separate download link

  6. VolitiveDawn475 says:

    If the villager trades include custom items from other addons, will the pack still be able to them?

  7. JonnyBoyGr says:

    So usefull! I’ll never waste time trying to get a good last trade! Thanks so much!

  8. A Member says:

    Can I add this to my pack (personal use) only

  9. DocGaming25 says:

    It would be nice if you could see the enchantment in the locked trades, can you do that? theres a trading+ in the, it has ha feature to see a enchantment on the lock trade but you cannot see all of the lock trades, im sure you can get a permission for that i will appreciate it if you could do that, thankyouu have a good day!

  10. ShadeKate says:

    Very good one.
    Would be nice when we could see the enchantments.

  11. Itsmeatta005 says:

    Is it work for WIN10 ???

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