Published on January 10, 2024 (Updated on February 18, 2024)

" Analog Crafty " [V1.2]

Hi, this addon is about the horror genre "analog horror"


This addon tries to compile some horror analogue for this addon. ( and Arg Soon )



Man in the suit

Mandela catalogue

Vita carnis

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  • remake Mobs
  • Intruder
  • The Man In The Suit
  • Anguirus suit
  • Mothra Larva suit
  • Mimic
  • Elder mimic
  • Mimic Disguise
  • More food
  • (I forgot to change the name so I put the new one now)







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  • lo0Analog_fCrafty_7V1.2_1708118918190.mcaddon (4.47 MB)

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Very honest and critical review:

I'm interested in horror characters and creatures from Alex Kister's fictional works like Mandela Catalogue, I have been intrigued to find fan-works. Upon searching on MCPEDL, I came across this addon, with diverse creatures like Mimics and The Man in the Suit, and is quite popular. I downloaded the packs to see what it had to offer.

Being a fan of Mandela/Alternate Catalogue, I created a small house map to myself in the addon's atmosphere. I tested each entity: [Spoilers ahead]

-🔊SFX: One standout feature was the variety of sounds each entity, with unique sounds. The Mimic, for example, had a loud and repetitive sound, while the Meat Snakes were more subtle.

-🦛MODEL: The models were a blend of classical and modern, like Gothic, not scary but hostile. The very detailed designs, like claws and fiendish bodies, particularly just cool, especially for the Alternates. I appreciated how the style remained profound to the series without becoming cluttered or overly detailed.

-✨EFFECTS/FUNCTIONS: Given that the creatures in Alex Kister's creations are known for their deceitful and intelligent nature, it was impressive to see them able to open and break doors. While they were not excessively fast, they could still surprise you, it gives unique encounters where you either escape easily or death.

In conclusion, I found the creatures to be particularly impressive!

I would suggest adding more animations (such as running and attacking). Additionally, consider making the Mimics slow, (My, they move too quickly). While I noticed entity suggestions in the comments, It's important to maintain uniqueness and avoid being vanilla nor too cluttered. Rather breaking doors, perhaps they could be limited to simply opening them, as repairing broken doors can be tedious. 🧐👌
I found the addon to be great. While it may not be scary, it exudes a gothic and profound vibe, with creatures that are underrated. I give it an [EXCELLENT] rating due to its flawless execution. 🤠👍
Sir Guy Man 2.0 The Third June 20, 2024 at 2:04 pm
can you add the monolith?
Quick question:
What blocks does this add? If it doesn’t add any, make it add some. Maybe like, a flesh thing similar to sculk inspired by Vita Carnis, building off of it?
I Want This Mod Because Of Mimic
Can You Make It That Xbox Players Can Download The Mod? Its Not Working..
I installed becuz godzilla
ok if you want godzilla analog horror watch the man in the suit its on youtube
Can i make a map?
this is like the legends mod but horror
hi im back and i have a suggestion add room from boisvert
maybe add vhs sans (i dont know if hes actual analog horror lol)
amazing addon, just one thing, lower the spawn rate for the mobs that's it
btw, please make a creepypasta addon in the future
O mod tá muito bom, os modelos são bem feitos. uma ideia pra próxima atualização é adicionar o analog "Monuments Mythos". Muito bom 👍
A verdade é que não te entendo nada, estou usando um tradutor
The mod is not downloading, it must be because the file is in a zip, but I'm not sure (relax friend, I'm also using a translator)
Is there any way to tame or keep the Trimmings and Meat Snakes as pets like in the actual universe of Vita Carnis?
They can be tame with crawl, growl, growl cooked and crawl Sandwich
any morphs
oh i forgot to mention i think you should add some boisvert monsters