Published on January 08, 2024 (Updated on March 27, 2024)

" SCP: Complex Alpha 1.0


Would you like to have a scp addon for your map or server?  


This addon is for you. This addon will try to bring the scps to minecraft.

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Nothing, it's the first version.











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SCP foundation MTF April 22, 2024 at 3:59 pm
SCP-096 and SCP-409
SCP foundation MTF April 22, 2024 at 3:58 pm
could you add SCP-106
Автор можешь сказать свой Дискорд?
Просто когда я хочу скачать твой мод у меня выдаёт ошибку.
You forgot to add SCP-173!
It's literally the first scp I added 😭-
hey smiler I love your Backrooms mod are you gonna update it again?
I would like to report bugs regarding some issues and suggestions for improvement with your addon. Below are the observations and feedback:
Version: 1.20.50
- Experimental Features: Enabled
- World Difficulty: Normal
- World Type: Flat
Entity Bugs:
1. SCP's are invisible and humans.
2. Bullet Ammo remains on the ground after shooting a P-90.
Block Issues:
1. Some blocks like Fire Extinguisher, Desk Lamp, Wet Floor Sign, Desk Fan, and Desk Lamp allow players to pass through them.
2. Model hitboxes for blocks like Electric Box, Garbage Collector, Chairs, and Steel Beam are incorrectly sized.
3. Computer B faces the back of the player instead of the front.
Excessive Features:
1. SCP-330 "Only take two" gives all 3 candies at once, causing an unintended wither effect.
Suggestions for Improvement:
1. Enable players to sit on all chairs.
2. Make cabinets and desks with drawers functional for storage purposes.
3. Enhance the functionality of the P90 to include ammunition and reloading mechanics.
Note: all unmentioned blocks and entities are functioning correctly. (Correct me if I am wrong!)
Bro.. I wish I could do all that but I use MAM..
The thing about the hitboxs I can fix the computers, B A C and D, I made them for each side, not for 1, I find the chairs impossible, I did the scp 330 thing because I can't randomize it unless an item does it, I can't do the thing. Reload the P-90, I don't think about the invisible Scps I don't know what's going on, I'm going to check the zip file because that's the file I'm having problems with, or else it's a problem with your game.
Is there anyway you could make a structure like a custom dungeon to spawn in survival, a scp facility with the scps roaming randomly or something similar
what about decorations blocks and doors (like scp:sc addon) it would be nice
Hi, well... sorry for disappointing you by not adding decorations, I just wanted to get the addon out as soon as possible... now I'm working on the backrooms addon, I promise to get decorations out for the v1.3, But I don't see the doors possible.
This comment has been removed
Hi, Not really, I want this addon to be focused on construction, I don't want to make it a survival or roleplay addon, etc.
cool the plague doctor outfit but no mask :/ is mod survival friendly.
It's because the supposed mask is part of his head, and besides, the plague doctor attacks you if you hit him.
ok cool aso is it survival friendly
can You add death animations to some SCPS?
Hi, Not really, I would have to make separate mobs and other things, maybe add for guards, class D or scientists and maybe 173.
Bro has quality AND quantity
i absolutely love it. Its such a fantastic addon that if you update more pften could actually beat bendythedemon's addon. But it is such a shame you discontinued your backrooms mod. I was really looking forward to it.
Don't worry... the backrooms addon is not dead... I would never let one of my favorite things be cancelled... I'm just saying... How about we remove that outside of limits of reality... And change it to Blockrooms 👁️?