Published on January 04, 2022 (Updated on January 05, 2022)

Anay Tweaks

You need optifine texture pack for mobile? Don't worry I have made a client for you The Anay Tweaks.This tweak provides many features like connected glass, connected grass,3D sun and moon and much

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  • AnayTweaks.mcpack (9.98 MB)
  • ArmorHud.mcpack (393.16 KB)
  • F1_Button.mcpack (51.12 KB)
  • Night_Vision_Pack.mcpack (47.9 KB)
  • Quick_Loot.mcpack (68.69 KB)

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Bruh, you literally just used bedrock tweaks
Just copy-paste from bedrock tweaks, Really bad.
If i could Ill give a 0/10.
Idk what’s the problem but the textures for glasses are completely ruined and the armour hud doesn’t work,there might be more than these so pls look into it.I rlly like this pack so pls look into it quick
If glass texture are ruined so remove full Bright if Armour HUD is not working so put it at top and you can also choose the place of Armour HUD
this is just bedrocktweaks