Published on November 02, 2020 (Updated on September 12, 2021)

Another Weapons v1.9

In this addon i added in total of 25 new weapons to the game, not just swords but many others. Easy to craft & balanced with neat textures that will not ruin your gameplay experience.

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Update 1.9.3 - Farewell Update
• General:
-Fancier Changelog.
Oh who might expect
-Metal stick has been removed.
Because single-purpose item feels odd.
I kept the texture for the holder however.
-Specific number of changes are now only on Changelog.
Just to avoid extra work of course

• Recipe changes:
-Metal Stick replaced by Stick.
-Iron Lance
To make it same as the gold variant.

• Weapon Adjustments:
-Most Weapons (↓): Durability nerf 25%/40% (Rounded up)
Because now they're easier to craft.
Miscellanous :
- Iron Katana (↓): HP; 20→16
- Iron Lance (~): DMG; 6→5
- Iron Dagger (~): DMG; 8→7, HP; 6→8
- Iron Knife (↓): DMG; 3→2
- Iron Pike (↓): Durability nerf 40%→70%
- Iron Hammer (↓) Durability nerf 40%→60%
- Iron Glaive (↓): DMG; 6→5
- Steel Mace (↓): Durability nerf 25%→15%
- Steel Sickle (↑): Durability; 486→504
- Steel Machete (↓): Durability nerf 25%→5%
- Steel Waraxe (↓): HP; 22→20
- Steel Shortsword (↓): Durability nerf 25%→10%, DMG; 5→4
- Steel Styche (~): Durability; 591→650, SPD; 0.8→0.7
- Steel Bat (~): HP; 20→22, SPD 0.11→0.1
- Golden Lance (↓): Durability nerf 40%→55%
- Golden Naginata (~): Durability nerf 40%→60%, HP; 16→14, SPD 0.11→0.13
- Golden Hatchet (↓): Durability nerf 25%→15%
[Keep in mind i nerfed weapons reasonably]

• Changes:
- Repairing has been adjusted to match vanilla. (It's actually overnumbered before)
Light; 100 → 40
Medium; 150 → 80
Heavy; 200 → 160


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First of all click on the download, when you're at Linkvertise link you need to do first is checking the Captcha box, then wait for 5 seconds and tap "Free access with Ads", and there's should be "Discover articles" click on it, then wait for 10 seconds and close it and the continue button must be now available. And finally you should be on MediaFire
Amazing mod I just wish some of the weapons were more costly because theirs not really a point for diamond/nethrite tools and or weapons. The crafting is strange the dagger is crafted with less iron than the main sword but does 1 more damage like a diamond sword the iron glaive is just the iron sword with an extra stick the great sword is way overpowered I would keep the recipe except for changing the middle to be an iron block cause it's doing the same damage a netherite sword does. the hammer the iron sword and the glaive all do different damage although they are crafted with the exact same items. the long sword is just the iron sword crafted in a diagonal direction and it does more damage. thanks for the fun mod just wish for more survival-friendly crafting! thanks for listening to my input.
W feedback. Yes, i'm agree with you, some are these weapons are rather pointless when there's clear higher-tier, the reason for that is; this add-on originally has 9 weapons, and all of them are relatively the same, it's just based on your playstyle/preference, there's always pros & cons for each weapon. But overtime, the addon getting expanded, therefore ome weapon gets redundant, however, i always try to make every weapon balanced for their tiers.

That's why, i'm planning to rework the whole addon, but things aren't going well hence the no updates for over a year(?). That's because i'm procrastinating like heck, i'm losing motivation to continue the addon, so i apologize for that. Thank you for leaving a comment!
Hello I wanna ask you smth because anytime I use the mod pack it never works, the ingots and stuff do work... BUT THE WEAPONS they never show in the inventory
Can you please add a non-mediafire file because my school blocks me every time I try to get on a mediafire page for my downloads. if not I understand but if possible please do so. thank you for reading my input on this
Sorry for no updates, I've been busy with school stuff lately, and i'll start working on after that. I'll do it as much as i possibly could and hopefully it would came out at the end of the year. Thanks :)
IS IT AS GOOD AS IT SEEMS CUS IF SO IT LOOKS GREAT.btw are they craftable in survival by that i mean in the recipe book
Yeah it does show in the recipe Book, just make sure your Minecraft version is above 1.16.100
For some reason mediafire wont work, I need help. Nice textures btw
Mediafire's server might be down, maybe try later, and thanks! I made the texture myself and i tried to make it look like vanilla as much as
Me asombró tu mod espero que sigas mejorándolo y me gustaría mucho que le dieras más uso a la daga y al martillo como lanzar dagas y romper bloques 3x3 con martillo lo apreciaría mucho y sería legendario ^_^
My man i don't understand any word you said, so i google translated it. Just letting you know that weapon-type items cannot be thrown whatsoever, it must be a separated item type. thanks for the feedback
Kind of useless in my opinion because the damages are only 7 6 and 5 and that’s the damages of just normal iron and stone tools.
I said more weapons, doesn't specifically anything. You want an iron weapon to deal like 10 damage? Do you even think how to balance the Addon? But for now, just enjoy it there's still upcoming updates
Can you add more weapons
5 stars
You bet i will, next update gonna be big!
Also join my Discord server! Discuss about the addon there & also get some benefits such as early-access, ad-free download, & beta testing for future projects :)
this is cool can I showcase this mod on my youtube channle for permission
Sure, just don't forget to drop down mcpedl link in the description!
for me i can't craft the weapons do you know why that is?
Make sure you activated experimental options
Also check out my other addon! It's called "Useful Recipes" well, the name is self-explaining. Have a good day
Interesting. It only gives me the things that make the weapons but doesn't give me weapons.
1.9 has been submitted, hopefully it will be out in few hours