Published on February 02, 2021 (Updated on August 10, 2021)

Useful Recipes v1.1

With currently total of 56 recipe improvements for the game, will help you on your survival without breaking the game. From basic improvements to new & exclusive recipes, such as Nametag & Exp Bottle which are now craftable.

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Update 1.1:
• General.
- Improved changelog list.
- Added 1.17 stuff to the Addon.
- Now uses "→" symbol instead of "to".
- Deleted quantity tag if the item is one (x1).
- Added [New!] tag for newly added recipes.

• Addition.
- Added another 20 new recipes (56 in total).
8 of them are new customized recipes.

• Removal.
- Removed Leather horse armor recipe.
- Removed End rod recipe.
- Removed Shear to Iron Ingot.
- Removed Dark Prismarine to Prismarine.

• Changes.
- Experience Bottle buff (Lapis req. 4 → 3)
The recipe is now shapeless.
- Stone to Cobblestone nerf (Output 8 → 7)


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I have been looking for a while and now I found the add-on for crafted item into the original items.
Plz update this I'm looking forward to it.
I do suggest you to make expensive item like netherite sword to craft back into one netherite ingot and 2 diamond or 1 diamond sword and armor too.i will be really happy if you make crafted items to its original items to all items in mcpe. I don't know how to give a stars but I will give u 5 stars for this add-on.!
Thanks for the positive feedback! But I have to tell you that unfortunately, i wont adding recipes that are related to durability, because it would be unbalanced. Imagine if you could just get the materials back when the tool is almost broken and with those materials craft a new one. Thank you for downloading!
Please add String to Wool and Wool to String

Thank you in advance
Plsssssss updating!!! I love this mod❤
Please keep updating this, there are so many good and balanced ideas in the comments and this is the most balanced better recipes add-on I have seen yet. Also WHY RABBIT HIDE FOR THE SADDLE, POOR BUNNY
Thank you! Also, since Saddles are uncraftable, I wonder how ancient civilization made them
Add a totem recipie maybe, with notch apple in middle, in a Y shape around it gold blocks, and an emerald block abofe notch apple?
Interesting idea! I'll somehow adjust it to make it fits :)
Absolutely amazing, please do wool into string
I have a similar addon like this.

Really? If so, sorry i never meant to copy or anything. The truth is me wondering "hey what if i can do this" and this Addon was born. Thanks for the rating though :)
Great add on love it but why is there not a saddle option like come on
I was thinking about adding saddle, but the problem is there's no item to balance the recipe (to make them not too easy to get) so i'll leave them be. Thanks for the feedback!
didnt let me download
Watch linkvertise downloading tutorial, thanks!