Published on February 19, 2023 (Updated on July 06, 2023)

Arcdustry-UI Pack (Discontinued)

Arcdustry-UI Pack ( now formally known as ARC-UI ) is essentially a custom UI for Minecraft Bedrock, or a "reskinned" Vanilla UI. while maintaining vanilla feelings as possible. The goal of this UI is making the most friendly UI for controller as possible, aswell cleaning the mess what vanilla UI has. This UI is inspired from Source engine — Steam deck UI.

Warning (July 6, 2023) — Arcdustry-UI has ceased development and therefore discontinued, more information is at my youtube community post. in short, my mental health isn't good anymore and I hope you all understand!

Created by Arcdustry, the entire UI is created in mobile.

Note before using it

  • "Pocket UI" can or could make the UI looks weird, e.g the setting toggle is seems more height size than what it supposedly to have. so, "Classic UI" is really recommended for this
  • Realm UI related may not work because I do not own realms and therefore cannot test it out.
  • Education Edition ARE NOT SUPPORTED
  • The game may required to be restarted once you applied this UI pack, Why? well this pack has custom fonts, and usually it doesn't display when apply for first time. also very optional.
  • This UI pack may or may not compatible with another "Pre-game" resource packs/UI packs properly when using it.
  • This UI pack will remain usable until the day where a new UI framework replaced Json-UI
  • Character Creators ( Skins Screen ) and Marketplace won't receive a custom screen treatments due to how constant it getting updated. This creates a massive problem which I couldn't fix.
  • Suggestions are always welcome here :D


Known Issues

Since ARC-UI/Arcdustry-UI being complete stable release and stuff, there is some features that I'll have to remove for obvious reasons. nor couldn't implement properly without issues.

  • "Invite player" has been removed due to crashes issues with the toggleable player list, and the main menu list for some reason. Another shortcut buttons like feedback button or help button has also been removed just to clean UI space.
  • Pocket UI may cause issues with UI layouts. Overall, it's yet usable.
  • Storage section and realm section in settings screen is removed due to couple of issues that I may unable to fix.
  • The "World creation screen" Arc-UI customized are now effectively doesn't work with any devices anymore due to Ore-UI replacements. some might work, but I'll leave it here for now.
  • At v2.0 release, no warning tooltips at the moment!

Select version for changelog:


-- [ 2.1/2.1.1 is released! ] --

Arcdustry-UI/Arc-UI update is out. with massive update and little changes.

Since this update is too large, I suppose you can read changelog in github!

Last and not least.

Arcdustry-UI is ceased development and therefore discontined.



  • ArcUIconfigpackv2.1.1.mcpack (285.5 KB)
  • (285.5 KB)
  • ArcUIv2.1pregame.mcpack (897.89 KB)
  • ArcUIv2.1regular.mcpack (902.37 KB)
  • Arc-UI Github releases

Supported Minecraft versions

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achei bem mais bonito que o jogo normal isso é realmente muito lindo, baixem a versão mais "pesada" pra melhor resultado
InaneBlatherskite July 07, 2023 at 7:32 pm
This is by far the best Minecraft Bedrock UI pack MCPEDL has to offer. I hope you the best with your mental health, and thank you for making this :)
Anti Aliasing Just Turns The Screen upside down and makes the game unplayable but cool ui pack combined with Tyel's Ui And Preview Ui and its pretty Good
yeah, it's the game problem and not UI problem somehow. aswell being experiment feature, god who knows what gonna happen.

Experiment features are gonna be toggleable soon so people don't accidentally mess those stuff.
This is great! The UI is so clean and the new font is just so good! The only issue I have is that the exit button doesn’t work for some reason. I hope you can fix this later! Like when 1.21 drops or something, and I guess it would be nice to have an option to remove the warning when it loads!
This comment has been removed
Not sure how that happens, can you describe or anyway to reproduce this issue so I can get to fix right away?

Afaik I don't see any exit button not working or something. It works on my end.

Also warning thing is disablable via config file.
Add a convenient chat system like in tyel ui (you can click on the commands and they will appear in the input field)
can't add anything anymore unless there's big fixes or something. this is 'pre-game' UI only, which as you might expected, only game menus and stuff. not in the game. also this is final update, so I might add it unless there's bug fixes for me to do.
Hey. There's thought in my head, could you possibly add Quick Loot for chests?
Sure, I suppose. but I don't know when.

since that was final update.
Probably the best UI i have ever seen
best UI but the exit button doesn't work
Can I use your UI on my projects?
It's the best ui I've ever seen.
Hey can you surport Custom music container and music+ music player to play he music was created agentmindstorm pls
Well if you wish though. I might support it soon I suppose

Although, probably not.
Can you made this mob support on version 1.18?
If you meant about mobile support, it's already supported. thus, the entirety of this UI is created in mobile. as long you don't use "Pocket UI" via video settings, you may achieve the same experience with each others platforms.
This comment has been removed
This is cool and all but can I bash your head in with a rock?
Can you make the portal 2 menu ui with this?