Published on June 29, 2023 (Updated on November 18, 2023)

Devamped (WIP)

"A Vanilla "Simplified" texture pack for Bedrock Edition"

DEVAMPED is a bedrock edition texture pack that changes way how the game looks, a retro-rpg and cartoon style. while at the same time making it feels like vanilla as possible.

The pack is hobby project and still in under heavy development, so consider DEVAMPED as unfinished and work-in-progress project! Also will not be on marketplace, and will remain free forever with daily updates.

The development may slow or sometimes fast depending on current project or personal life going on. So, approximately updates should be out within 4-7 days.

We (I) have a discord server that maybe show the progress of current upcoming projects updates including DEVAMPED. and abit sneak peaks as well if I consider it.

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v0.4-alpha-04 is out!

This one is weekly update, contains about 60+ new textures and several overhauls.

What's New?
- Added Wools (All colors)
- Added Concretes (All colors)
- Added Concrete Powders (All colors)
- Added Spruce leaves
- Added Jungle leaves
- Added Several UI textures

Changes -
- Changed Sand textures to match concrete powder texture
- Changed and Overhauled UI textures
- Changed Top sandstone texture to be more eh, drywall




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very good bro, I just didn't like the texture of the planks but I hope you finish this pack because i really like the way it's looking right now
love this pack, but I don't like that style of changing the start menu of the game in any pack, if you can have it normal or optional I would love to
could you make the deepslate and deepslate blocks a little darker? they look too similar to stone and stone blocks
Se ve muy bien realmente no le quita la esencia a Minecraft pero le da un toque diferente que hace que se vea muy bien a la vista no puedo esperar a ver cómo lucirá cuando esté completo
All you have to do is wait for the developer to finish working.
I like this texture pack and thank you for your hardwork creating this texture pack. I can't wait for this texture to be 100% completed ❤
If there's one thing about this pack, it's a mother f-ing 5⭐ it's so detailed, simple, cute and very aesthetic!
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No me aparece el enlace de descarga
You can download it at plantminecraft
Whoa! This is gonna be sick! Keep it up! I'll waiting for it's progress! I hope i get noticed when it got 100% progress!