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This add-on adds 7 very well-made entities that will make your experience playing Minecraft better, in this add-on there are 3 entities that can be tamed, 2 that are to get simple materials very fast, 2 to get a little rarer materials.

*In the entities the dodo is counted that is from another complement of the same creator

creators: Alex587 and Copperlord

Please follow us and share your ideas for new accessories, also if this Add-on is supported we will release the version with Tek and new dinosaurs such as triceratops, raptor among others, follow copperlord XD pls.

This add-on adds epic entities which are:

This entity is too useful to obtain food, fuel and experience, we are talking about hesperornis:

This wonderful entity can help you a lot in getting experience, food and fuel, because in a few minutes you can put an edible egg and for a long time you can put a bottle of experience, with the egg you can make a block of coal and you can also fertilize it with a chicken egg, this entity does not follow you when you have your favorite food in hand, then to catch it throw a fish to the ground and this entity will go to pick it up to eat it so little by little you can take it to a farm,

it is generated on the coasts and near the rivers.

This entity is very small but it is a great rabbit hunter, Dune pulmonoscorpius:

attacks only rabbits, they are generated in the deserts and can drop a slow thrown bottle of loot, has 1 life.

this simple entity will help you get a little weird items:

trilobite is generated in the oceans with corals, and when it dies they release prismarine crystal.

The next entity is a wool producer, but it has its disadvantages as if you get distracted it can give you a header that you can never forget, presenting Ovis Aries:

this entity is similar to the sheep and but gives more wool, in it you can find two different forms the first is Ovis which is its shape without horns that attacks and does 3 damage and the Aries that has horns and hits 5, this entity attacks to players and villagers (human), in addition this entity can enter the race and do extra damage, we recommend you to fight closely with this mob can also give you slowness when it hits you, they are generated in the extreme mountains.

pulmonoscorpius, this entity can paralyze you with a simple blow but it likes to sleep with a good schedule its characteristics are the following:

It appears in the caves of the extreme hills and deserts, when it is nighttime it goes to sleep, but when it is daytime it attacks players by poisoning them with a paralyzing poison, it can also go into sleepwalking mode when it receives damage when it is asleep afterwards from that it goes into sleepwalking mode and attacks all entities except its species, it is domesticable with rotten meat, it can drop bottle of throwing poison.

Pulmonoscorpius tamed:

When the pulmonoscorpius is domesticated you can create a saddle and use it to climb, it is difficult to control but when you have the trick you can use it to donate large entities such as daeodon because you can paralyze it, the mount helps to better control the entity.

This pig is worthy of being a great pet, since it is very powerful and tender, Daeodon Wild:

This entity attacks all other entities that they find, it is fast, it has 120 life when it is adult and when it dies loose a lot of leather and a lot of meat, they are generated in the Mega taiga, you can tame with cakes.

Daeodon tamed:

When you tame the daeodon you can have this pet that has a very nice formal sitting and a lot of power, you can create and equip your own mount to walk through the forest by jumping and enjoying your pet, they eat dads, carrots, cakes, cake pumpkin and golden carrot.

You want mass of power that you can get, as we introduce you to the legendary Daeodon Alpha:

You can tame this beast with cake but it will cost you since it is not so friendly, attacking you when it sees you and with a great speed it is a true pet monstrosity, we recommend using cobwebs to slow it down and tame it more easily, it is generated Like the daeodon only with a little more difficulty, it has 230 life and a lot of damage, when it dies it releases a lot of meat and leather in addition to experience.

Daeodon Alpha tamed:

When you finally manage to tame it you can ride it and feel all its power and style.

other crafters:

You can make a web-based backpack:

The cracking of the Axe changed, you can repair it with Redstone powder:

redstone powder:

grenade, consists of an already active TNT:

ball of fire:

you can also craftear a dragon Ender, to do so you will need his egg

Changelog View more

*Hesperornis Spawn Arrangement

*text arrangement

*improvement in mobs sounds

*cover image change


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 (beta)

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24 Responses

4.69 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Shadow says:

    Please add rideable wyverns and a velonasaur
    And a enforcer

  2. William Afton says:

    Plz ad a mammoth and a dilophosaurus

  3. CopperLord44 says:

    will update

  4. Sebas evolved says:

    tienes un gran potencial con tus ideas y además son ideas muy buenas podrías crear muchas nuevas entidades como purlovias, aves del terror, argentavis y muchas más, ojalá el addon tenga mucho éxito por que puede llegar a ser una nueva experiencia muy grata

  5. KidingTv says:

    Update to dinosaur

  6. CopperLord44 says:


  7. edgyplayer77 says:

    so since this is inspired by ARK you could add the titans?
    or queen reaper or rockwell

  8. RED gamer says:

    Very nice

  9. Anonymous says:

    Cool (?

  10. Maxil89 says:


  11. JonhyGamer says:

    Se ve buen chido sigue en el proyecto no miro nada mal solo que tienes q agregar dinosaurios pero ya lo tienes pensado sigue así espero más actualisaciónes

  12. Monkee1963 says:

    Combine it with project prehistoric

  13. Lover says:

    Pls make more pls and add animation better models I’m not a hater

  14. Rogelio says:

    Add Megalodon

  15. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Add The Reaper king from an Ark DLC Aberration And The Gigantopithecus And Yutyrannus And The Megalosaurus

  16. No one says:

    Add trex and Spinosaurus

  17. Akbar says:

    Yea bro keep going

  18. Jancarlo says:

    You should add dinosaurs will better and fun

  19. ALIIGATOR says:

    WOW a just make sarchosuchus and giant alligators

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