Arkcraft Add-on V5.3

Twitter:ArkcraftOficial-Please put this account as creator of this addon 

Youtube:Arkcraft Oficial Channel

Facebook:Arkcraft Facebook

This complement add too many domables and non-domables entities, but not only that but also an extensive amount of items that will help you and add more experience to your world

You can download the information about the crafting items, entities and dodos collection

Soon you will be raised two types of expansions that you added 2 creatures each, the expansions are “Ice Expansion” and “Fire Expansion, you can go to participate

this addon adds a gigantic amount of creatures, you can also tame a large part of them and some you can mount, this addon was created by Alex587, Copperlord44 and Brexit Box, we also receive help from these people for whom we want to thank them:

Saurophagnax the tyrant assassin
You can earn the 2 expansions in different ways, the first is to participate using Facebook and entering one of these 2 links “Ice expansion” and “Fire expansion“, by the way follow the page if you like, you can also participate by retweet in the publication of the Arkcraft page “Ice expansion” and “Fire expansion“, and you can also follow this channel that in a next video will secretly show a code with which you can give the code by writing to me “Alex587” and with that code you can choose one of the two expansions.

If you win and get Ice or Fire expansion version, you should know through this text that I declare the creator of that plugin and any kind of loading of that plugin without my authorization will be removed

YouTube channel

Use the direct link to this page, if you do not respect this rule, pay attention to the consequences.

Do not upload our plugin to pages without our authorization, otherwise be aware of the consequences

Fire expansion:

Icer expansion:

This Add-on adds more than 10 entities with unique abilities to your minecraft

 and also new blocks, and objects that will help make playing with your friends more fun.

 #Note only use the latest version of the game and in an experimental way otherwise the crafting and the complement could suffer serious errors, it is recommended to use without other add-ons that add new entities, this to avoid bugs

 This addon brings new blocks which are:

metal plate: very important item

Red paste:

Hyperreality lapis: also important item, its texture was changed, ## in the links where all the crafters are, the texture is very similar to that of the blue dye please do not confuse

 1. Improved stone: It takes 60 seconds to destroy it with or without a beak, but you can use the grenade or break it much easier,

 It is made with 8 cementing paste and 1 leather chest as follows:

2. Metal structure: Lasts 8 minutes breaking with or without a beak, the grenade will not work to destroy this block, so you must obtain the C4 with ka that if you could destroy it,

 It is made with 4 metal plates and 4 cementing paste as follows:

3. Tek structure: This is the strongest block of this complement, so it takes 20 minutes to destroy it, it cannot be broken with explosives, to do so you will need 3 of the element that can only be obtained by killing the wither that will release 0 to 6 and 3 Metal structures, it is done as follows:

new items:

escargot slime: extracted from achatina is very useful for the skin, healing for a few seconds and removing nausea:

Mount for mammoth: with this mount you can control the mammoth:

mount for three: with this mount in addition to controlling the mammoth you can take 2 companions:

 1. Oil gallon: This object is made with the oil that is obtained only by killing trilobites, the gallon of oil is used to make a lava cube only by the blast furnace, the crafts that the gallon of oil has are:

2. Eggs: Each entity that can lay eggs such as dodo, pulmonoscorpius or yutyrannus give an unfertilized egg (only edible, and they are very nutritious one that stands out is that of the yutyrannus that gives strength for 10 seconds amplified by 3, you can Fertilize the eggs with a chicken egg on the crafting table, eggs of the entities:

3.Cementing paste: it is created with 9 concrete of any color on the crafting table and serves for other different crafting, crafting:

4.element: At the moment it can only be obtained by killing the wither that as maximi daria 6, is a valuable and very useful material.

6-Pomegranate: uncontrollable explosive with large explosion radius but little destruction, is cracked as follows:

7.C4: Powerful explosive that can destroy the metal block and the least resistant to it, to use it you should know that it is very sticky so it adheres to the walls and ceilings, if the c4 is not exploding you can deactivate it with scissors , also can only be activated with a detonator and will explode two seconds later, cracking mode:

 A- First you have to make the C4 component that is made with slime and redstone powder around which in turn is done with two redstone on a crafting table or putting redstone an oven to cook, crawling of the 2 items:

B- You have to make the detonator but you have 2 since one is used in the C4 and the other to activate it, you need 2 iron plates, 1 redstone block, 1 iron trapdoor, 1 iron bar, it is made of the following form:

C- With 2 C4 components, a detonator and 6 grenades creates the C4 to destroy, cracking:

8.detonador: item that works to make the explosion in C4.

9. helicoprion tooth: used to make a necklace that in turn gives the player strength 2 until it dies

10. Helicopion Shark fin ,serves to make soup and in turn the soup cures your hunger

 new entities:

Hesperornis: you want fuel, food and experience, so look for and catch the hesperornis, this creature loves fish but is not so silly and does not follow humans, so you must discover a way to take it to your house, you can find it in the beaches, its egg is very good to get fuel on your processing table, also the hesperornis occasionally lays eggs and bottles of experience

Dodo: This creature is silly but a good source of food, it can also be painted, to do that put any type of Minecraft dye in your hand and interact with it, and to remove the dye give it a bucket of water, this creature it also has special variants that are collectible, are tamed with seeds and voila, they can transport objects, they are found on the beaches.

 Trilobite: it is a simple entity that appears only in the coral seas and is the only option when it comes to getting oil, it is also possible to take it home with a cage.

Dune pulmonoscorpius: A small pulmonoscorpius that only hunts rabbits, but is a good way to obtain poison bottles, they can be found in deserts

Ovis Aries: It is the best way to obtain wool because they give more than the sheep, but they will attack you and depending on your distance they can grab cargo (which will increase their damage), they are in extreme hills, also this creature contains 2 different variables, the first has no horns and the second has horns and more damage

pulmonoscorpius: This prehistoric giant scorpion will paralyze you with its venom, it is tamed with rotting meat and has 2 different types of mounts, the normal and the tek, it will give resistance and range of attack to the pulmonoscorpius, the pulmonoscorpius is found in caves of extreme hills and you have a sleep schedule that will make you fall asleep at night, and wake up during the day, try not to disturb a sleeping pulmonoscorpius:

Common daeodon: it is a powerful prehistoric boar that loves cake, to tame it give it cakes in large quantities, you can put 2 types of mounts, the normal one that has an inaccessible crafting and the tek that in addition to protection will give it a wither effect to their blows, you can add a chest with ropes, they can be seen in the mega taiga, to control the daeodon you will need a carrot on stick

Daeodon Boss: It is stronger than normal and can be distinguished by its skin color as an adult, it can also be determined by its red eye color, it is more difficult to see than the normal daeodon, it can be seen in Mega Taiga

Healer daeodon: It is weaker than the normal daeodon, its fur is reddish, when it is tamed you can make it heal you and your pets, only the daeodon will lose speed and life, to activate this ability hit it with a stick and to deactivate the skill do the same

Yutyrannus: he is very strong and loud, they are tame with meat and when he is tamed he will give you power, we find in mega taiga

Doedicurus: this beautiful creature breaks rocks just by touching it, you can tame it with berries and it can be mounted, they are found in the flower forests, in the taiga and in the mega taiga, when it is wild and you hit it many times it becomes a ball which will make it more resistant, when you tame it you can deactivate its ability to destroy rocks and also activate it for it, you will need to use a stick

Microraptor: a fierce predator that is not afraid to use its beak to kill you, they can be seen in the flower forest, domesticated with meat

Pegomastax: a thief dinosaur and a headache for gamers, it will take any object from the ground and if it gets too close, it will steal objects from you, tame it with berries

Compy: a small, weak and very common dinosaur that you can tame with meat and he will give his insignificant life for you

Alvarezsaurus: it is a creature that you will see many times in your world but do not be alarmed, it only kills arthropods, you can tame it with red paste

thorny demon: it is very small and gray, it is in deserts, it will spit on you if you hit it

Thorny Dragon: It is a huge and red dragon, it can be tamed with berries, you can put a saddle and a house that isolates you from the damage of other mobs, they can be seen in the deserts


This is a boss that only comes out in plains but in blocks of hay and when he dies he will drop his horn as a trophy

 Lucky to kill him, he has 250 hearts, health and endurance 2 .


It is huge and peaceful, if you kill it it will give you fish and ainictozoon shell with which you can make diamond armor


appear in plains but only in bloxk of dirt, it has a lot of damage and a lot of life, it is a formidable enemy

helicoprion: the seas are not safe because of that creature, it will be prowling the seas, it will break ships and it will give the effect of wither, you can see it in warm seas

baryonyx: found in swamps, this creature in addition to having a lot of damage has a lot of life, its attacks blind the player, only babies are tame with fish, adults can be mounted

deinonychus: this beautiful creature can be found in the savana biome, but they can only be seen in nests in which there will be 6 adult deinonychus and one egg, you can only tame it through the egg, for them you will have to give it blaze powder until it is born, then give it meat until you tame it and it grows, after that you can mount it and enjoy all its styles, the most difficult styles to find are the black style and the albino style

leach: usually can be found in the swamps, they stick to your body and give you effects.

they have different types of variants in them:

1.Normal leach: It gives poison effect and is the most common

2.Paralyzing leach: paralyze players:

3.Infected leach: gives deadly poison effect:

Round leach: gives speed effects like “haste” and “speed” but also gives “wither” effect:

Vampire leach: gives effects of slowness and blindness:

medic leach: gives effect of “wither” and “regeneration”:

Aberrant Leach: makes you a zombie giving you effects and a fungus on your head: 

achatina: it can be seen in the swamps, they will destroy your crops and if you get too close they will make you nauseous:

Mammoth: giant that will only attack you if there is a baby nearby, its blow will destroy your chest, it is tamed with cake and 2 types of mounts can be placed on it, the normal and the 3 person mounts, they are in cold places

To help the dodo that was abandoned we add two new textures which are the fluorescent that only appears naturally and the honey color that can be given with a bottle of honey:

this addon you have to be downloaded from mcpedl only, if not please download it, do not support this type of piracy. 

please leave direct link to this page if you make a video about this addon.

find all the variants of dodos, you can download the information from the ones below.

Changelog View more
Fixed animations, speed of the baryonyx modified, speed of the mega raptor modified, damage of the deinonychus modified

fix some bugs:

Yutyrannus Animation, (walking)

Baryonyx Animation, (walking)

Ainictozoon Model

now you can control the deinonychus when fighting

yutyrannus model change

three new entities:

Healer daeodon



new draw available

new 3 creatures:

Healer daeodon



new model of yutyrannus

change of texture in the item "escargot slime"

increased the level of "leach" Spawn

Fixed bugs, some mobs including the pulmonoscorpius

Now neither the seas nor the swamps are safe

*helicoprion arrangement

New entities: Achatina, Leach with many variants and mamut

Created new model and animations for the Mega Raptor

The waters are no longer safe, because the helicoprion is coming to arkcraft.

added helicoprion, helicoprion shark fin, helicoprion tooth, new necklace

new information of dodos to collect

3 new variants of dodos, 1.dodo cooked, 2.dodo raw, 3.dodo skeleton, you can download the information in the links

Arrangement of some Bugs, such as the hesperornis model is the model of another entity.

Remember to download the links on the information of the items, that to know how to create them

brings bug fixes, change in crafteos, new items (too many), new epic entities such as elasmotherium, elasmotherium trophy, doedicurus, pegomastax, compy, micro Raptor, mega raptor, ainictozoon, thorny dragon, thorny Demon, in addition to their respective mounts and functionalities, 2 new secret variants of two of which are camouflaged, and the one with red feathers, a new discord channel

fix and changes:

 1. This speed has been added to the daeodon to make it more useful, also now you can only carry the babies with rope.

 2. The jump in the pulmonoscorpius has been removed and its speed lowered

 to get a little closer to the pulmonoscorpius of ark.

 3. Fixed the bug that affected hesperornis, now eat the thrown fish.

 4. The result of the cracking of the Hesperornis egg has now been changed by giving 30 oil.

arreglo y cambios: ha agregado mayor velocidad al daeodon esto para hacerlo mas util, también ahora solo podras llevar con cuerda a los bebes. ha removido el salto en el pulmonoscorpius y bajado su velocidad

para acercarse un poco mas al pulmonoscorpius de ark. ha corregido el bug que afectaba al hesperornis, ahora comera de los pescados lanzados. ha cambiado el resultado del crafteo de el huevo de hesperornis ahora dando 30 de aceite.

*Hesperornis Spawn Arrangement

*text arrangement

*improvement in mobs sounds

*cover image change


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9

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109 Responses

4.46 / 5 (72 votes)
  1. Guest-3273290069 says:

    Is excelent but no are much especies and some models are worst and add t-rex mosasaurus apatosaurus spinosaurus giganotosaurus triceratops plateosaurus dimorphodon kentrosaurus and troodon

  2. Guest-8056262114 says:

    Add pachycephalosaurus please

  3. Isarboy says:

    Please add the Reaper king!!!!

  4. Guest-6566949084 says:

    Help! when I make the baby daeodon grow up it will grow and eventually remain as a big baby. I cant breed it and it drop nothing. Plz fix.

  5. Guest-8714711826 says:

    A separate spawn egg for the boss daedon would be quite nice. It would really help out in reviewing the mod

  6. Guest-2343053815 says:

    thx for fixing the animation can you add tyrannosaurus rex and spinosaurus in the next uodate?

    • Arachnology_Bruh says:

      I swear if they make the Spinosaurus bipedal ill immediantly uninstall the addon.
      The tyranousaurus should be easy as long as they spawn it in plains and not forest (there is little evidence for Tyranosaurus living in forests) and dont make it as big as the spinousaurus.

  7. Guest-4476829746 says:

    How to make the saddles?

  8. Guest-9639485933 says:

    Adiciona ankylo, leão marsupial, T-rex, dente de sabre,

  9. Guest-9156366097 says:

    Add wyvern and rock drake

  10. Guest-3042231697 says:

    can add thylacoleos in the next update

  11. Guest-7936435147 says:

    can you fix the yuty? because if he runs its twitching hardly
    by the way love ur addons

  12. Guest-4112684308 says:

    Allow this addon to be compatible with the Archeology addon, interferes with the barys there otherwise, great addon overall though

  13. Guest-5626841148 says:

    Good mod, the only problem is that when i try to ride a dino it crashes my realm. Could you fix the issue if you are able to? Otherwise this mod is great.

  14. Guest-2514977193 says:

    How to I make normal saddle for giant pig like creature and big big… scoprion

  15. Guest-8805285930 says:

    How do I use the Aniktozzon shell?

  16. Guest-9408986693 says:

    Epic! Some requests: Sabertooth, dire wolf, OVERSEER PLEASE, bronto, Ankylosaurus, Beelzebufo, And pretty much all the Dinos 😀

  17. Guest-1855474325 says:

    Mounts arent working other than tht this is epic

  18. Guest-2808330867 says:

    Can I use in map?

  19. User-7737540912 says:

    Pls make a MCPEDL download.

  20. User-4795440940 says:

    tengo una duda sigue remplazando a los libros de encantamientos?

  21. User-1004070612 says:

    Wyvern? Ferox? Dodorex? Rex? Giga?

  22. User-2036863299 says:

    Is this for iPad? For some reason when I push download it takes me to adfly and then it takes me to some other site and when I go to press the big green button with white letters download it takes me to a roblox site someone please help me I just want to download Addons for my iPad Minecraft world

  23. User-9871915110 says:

    the first megaraptor skin was better but this one is good too but can you add pterosaur or spinosaurus in next update?

  24. DTechGamer says:

    How to tame the mammoth?🤔

  25. Totally Herbivore GaIIimimus says:

    Yes….. we have snail….

  26. SpringyMC says:

    (forgot to give this)

  27. SpringyMC says:

    It was great to test this update of the addon with you, V4 Came so fast! Congrats guys.

  28. KnowingBadger says:

    Incredible mod. But there’s a big problem that kinda ruins the experience. The crafting recipes are wayyy too expensive so a huge several hour grind is needed for anything. If everything could be cheaper that’d be great!

  29. Paulo Joshua Tan says:

    Please in v.4 add mammoth or gigantophiticus

  30. Stickymoloch says:

    Can you just teach us how to craft the doedicurus saddle?Other than that this addon is awesome!

  31. Ultranety says:

    Bedrock addons have been really stepping up their game

  32. Fat says:

    Pretty sure that in the next 5 years bedrock addons will be equal to java mods.

  33. Isarboy says:

    Please add the Grim reaper!

  34. Jimmy Miller says:

    How do i craft those blue things that are used to craft the Tek Structure? I didn’t see the recipe for it on this page or on the file from the New items information download link. Can somebody plz help me with this?

  35. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    custom models, good animations, and perfect sounds!!! This addon is good!!! I’ve tested the mobs and they work out just fine!!!

  36. Hứa gia Huy says:

    Doedicurus bị lỗi khi tôi cưỡi nó mong nhà phát triển mod sửa lỗi

  37. JesusFriedChicken says:

    Can you please make a version with vanilla textures? (Inventory, Blocks etc.)

    • Guest-5718445220 says:

      Ehmmm man this is the diference between mods and addons, mods add new things and addons replace old things

  38. Totally Herbivore GaIIimimus says:

    Real cool but the megaraptor and alvarezsaurus doesnt really match other creature texture (still cool)

  39. Scplover says:

    Please add all the ark servival mobs like megalodon

  40. Nopal says:

    Apakah ini terinspirasi dari ark survival evoluved?

  41. Hello. Ya’ll mind if I make a giga addon?

  42. Matthew says:

    Mines isnt working I cant get the saddle for any creature and there are no new items is there a way I can fix it because I tried every thing and nothing has worked

    • CopperLord44 says:

      Eso sucede al jugar sin modo experimental o al abrir por primera vez el mundo en un celular de gama baja

    • Guest-4509317416 says:

      Did you turn on experimental gameplay. and if that still doesnt work, leave on expiremental and get them through the /give command.

  43. No Thanks, I Do Not Want To Put It says:

    How to blue print, and can you add a all items and mobs tutoriel ingame?
    THAT would be EPIC!

  44. Tumama says:

    Currupcion del mundo

  45. Beam says:

    Add Rex, trike, stego, pachycephalosaurus, giganotosaurus, titanosaurus, quetzal, pteranodon, eurypterid, mosasaur, ichtyosaurus, plesiosaur(nessie), ​ sarco, pachyrhinosaurus plz

  46. DTech says:


  47. Matias says:

    The project look soo good, but you need make better textures for the dodo and the mega raptor.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Why does some textures in this mod just look dumb while other textures in this mod look very cool?

  49. Martinez2006 says:

    Porfavor alquien me puede pasar este addon por la pagina mega,que a mi no me funciona mediafire

  50. Anti-Ads says:

    Great mod but remove the Ads

  51. Pacboy2013 says:

    This is a good addon, but I would suggest improving the mob models and textures, as well as item textures.

  52. NickMaharaj123 says:

    This addon cool but it needs charlecotherium gigantosayrus pelagornis brontosaurus titanoboa and leedsicthis

  53. Yeetus says:

    Hey, I really like this addon, here, have some suggestions

  54. Rolan says:


    #1. Taking off the saddle and armor of daeodon. Then I look at the daeodon, but the model of the saddle and armor it’s still there.

    #2. Tamed yutyrannus still want to kinda kill my tamed daeodon and pulmonoscorpius, but it doesn’t take any damage though.


    #1. Walking animation for pulmonoscorpius.

    #2. The driver of pulmonoscorpius can make it climb walls or fences.

  55. Rolan says:


    #1. Taking off the saddle and armor of daeodon. Then I look at the daeodon, but the model of the saddle and armor it’s still there.

    #2. Tamed yutyrannus still want to kinda kill my tamed daeodon and monoscorpius, but it doesn’t take any damage though.


    #1. Walking animation for monoscorpius.

    #2. The driver of monoscorpius can make it climb walls or fences.

  56. Rolan says:

    I’ll comment if there is a bug.

  57. Rolan says:

    This add-on is really awesome! I already had the Leader Daeodon and pulmonoscorpius with the saddle tek. It’s so op! I love this add-on very much! Hope you add more! And have a nice time!

  58. Rolan says:

    Please make a instruction for this add-on. Like you’ll replace the “Help” or “?” button for minecraft into a instruction for Arkcraft. Just like the other add-ons. It will be useful. : )

  59. Redkethum10 says:

    Could you add a more terrifying mob? ‘Cause if so, could you make it with long arms and a face that opens up to reveal rows of sharp teeth and a tounge?

  60. Landon says:

    Dodo texture is broken

  61. dragonlol says:

    uhh pls add a longer tail for the yuty pls

  62. o seu velho amigo TNT . says:

    I Can remake the Mobs Textures for free

  63. RED gamer says:

    Add raptor pls

  64. JunkPunk says:

    isn’t this like ark survival?

  65. Troodon YT says:

    Can wyverns, deinonychus, reapers and rock drakes be added. Also if possible can the Yutyrannuses tail be longer and arms be shorter? It looks very strange to me but it’s probably just me. This mod has lots of potential and I’m glad it’s doing a good job at reaching a perfect ark mod/ addon thing. Just needs more dinos

  66. GaminBary0nyxYT says:

    maybe you could add pterosaurs, tek bases, thatch, an engram item, and narcotics for taming, and maybe titanoboa.

  67. Shadow says:

    Please add rideable wyverns and a velonasaur
    And a enforcer

  68. William Afton says:

    Plz ad a mammoth and a dilophosaurus

  69. CopperLord44 says:

    will update

  70. Sebas evolved says:

    tienes un gran potencial con tus ideas y además son ideas muy buenas podrías crear muchas nuevas entidades como purlovias, aves del terror, argentavis y muchas más, ojalá el addon tenga mucho éxito por que puede llegar a ser una nueva experiencia muy grata

  71. KidingTv says:

    Update to dinosaur

  72. CopperLord44 says:


  73. edgyplayer77 says:

    so since this is inspired by ARK you could add the titans?
    or queen reaper or rockwell

  74. RED gamer says:

    Very nice

  75. Anonymous says:

    Cool (?

  76. Maxil89 says:


  77. JonhyGamer says:

    Se ve buen chido sigue en el proyecto no miro nada mal solo que tienes q agregar dinosaurios pero ya lo tienes pensado sigue así espero más actualisaciónes

  78. Monkee1963 says:

    Combine it with project prehistoric

  79. Lover says:

    Pls make more pls and add animation better models I’m not a hater

  80. Rogelio says:

    Add Megalodon

  81. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Add The Reaper king from an Ark DLC Aberration And The Gigantopithecus And Yutyrannus And The Megalosaurus

  82. No one says:

    Add trex and Spinosaurus

  83. Akbar says:

    Yea bro keep going

  84. Jancarlo says:

    You should add dinosaurs will better and fun

  85. ALIIGATOR says:

    WOW a just make sarchosuchus and giant alligators

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