Published on March 21, 2022 (Updated on June 19, 2022)

Azton's Vanilla Fantasy Addon [Structure Update Beta Test] Version 2

Hello, Have Do You Want To Play Minecraft With Fantasy Mobs, Humans, And More Bosses But Still Sticks Closely To "vanilla" Well Here Is Azton's Vanilla Fantasy!Note: Some Features Might Not Be Final, Armor Weapons Might Get Nerfed, Structures Might Not Generate Correctly, And Lastly This Is Still In It's Beta Version.


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[Huge Change]

-changed loot drops for all mobs to be more optimized!

-Reapers Tome cannot be obtained in survival for now, it is being tweaked and fixed.


Structures Test V 2

-lowered the spawn rates of structures

-removed some structures to be  reworked 

-added new Plains House structure 

-added new Sea Statue structure

-pillar ruins structure small, medium, large now generate correctly

-boulder and large boulder  structure now generate correctly

- rare tall tower structure is less common

-campsites Red,Green,Blue no longer spawn buried 

-hay wagon cart structure has been tweaked

-traders wagon structure loot has been tweaked

-wall ruins structures have been removed to be rebuilt 

-tweaked addon description In MCPEDL

[Tweaks & Bug Fixes]

-fixed the spawning mechanics of some structures

-windmill structure no longer generates with it's structure block 

-boulders no longer break the land 

-braziers no longer generate with grass and dirt under it 



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Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
U have by far the best Addon me and my friends love it soo much I wish u could make it realm compatible so They can play while I’m of
A suggestion: It would be better to make the trophies into 3D blocks instead of entities. you don’t have to use this just a suggestion!
Some of the weapons are tilted and take up half the screen. How do I change that?
Compatible with other addon????
Tested it myself and it's somewhat compatible
It could fix the textures of the weapons, improve the generation of the bosses and that the structures do not appear as often, please
If there is a dungeon too, it will be very good.
Pros: Addons works

Cons: every mob spawns in your base (creator says just put carpet down)

Not really a good way to enjoy the addon because you would have to put carpet down everywhere you don't want the mobs spawning, creator also seems hostile against anyone who suggests they should fix it which basically turns me away from the addon itself.. it sucks since the addon texture and models are amazing but the person behind it ruins it.
Will you add custom shields eventually?
Do the new mobs just spawn everywhere no matter what or is there any way to control it?
Una idea que le quedaría al add-on sería que los caballeros dejarán caer sus escudos
this realm compatible?
does thiswork on realms
I’m trying to move this from my i phone to my x box i only have Minecraft on my x box how do i add this add on I’m using ftp manager it it won’t work
Se ve que el add-on es muy bueno
Lo vas a actualizar a la 1.19