Published on March 21, 2022 (Updated on August 13, 2022)

Azton's Vanilla Fantasy Addon [Structure Update Beta Test] | V4 The Geo Ores Preview

Hello, Have Do You Want To Play Minecraft With Fantasy Mobs, Humans, And More Bosses But Still Sticks Closely To "vanilla" Well Here Is Azton's Vanilla Fantasy! 

Note: Some Features Might Not Be Final, Armor Weapons Might Get Nerfed, Structures Might Not Generate Correctly, And Lastly This Is Still In It's Beta Version.


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[New Features] 

-added new Pillager Shack structure 

-added new Acacia House structure

-added new Acacia Ruins structure 

-added Sentinel Leggings, Dragob Slayer Leggings, Kings Leggings, Sentinel Boots, Dragon Slayer Boots, King's Boots, to complete the boss loot armor sets. 

-added new Geo Ores/Geores Mobs Mini-Bosses and one Boss 

-added Ancient Ore versions of regular ores.


-removed Keep Block, Village Block and Castle Block.

-temporarily removed Emerald Keep structure, Royal Castle Structure, Village structure. 

-revamped King Kronos texture

-retextured a lot of mob spawn eggs 

-retextured some armor item textures 

-changed eye color of Shadow Walkers 

-renamed Shadow Walkers to Shades (I think) 

-changed Reapers Tome item texture 

-mob families have now been changed so that vanilla mobs will attack the modded ones.


Supported Minecraft versions

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download link dont work
Hello! Can you please make the villages rarer? they spawn like every 500 blocks from each other, sometimes even next or merged with each other, it kinda takes away the feeling of the villages being special. But other than that, this addon is awesome!
Please for gods sake fix the structure spawns, its so annoying to turn around and see 20 structures
hi, i'm a big fan of your addon but i'm having a problem i can't use the forge to make weapons and armor and as if i had blocked you can tell me if i want to do something to work thanks for your attention.
sorry my english is bad.
Hey so my friend is trying to join my world and its says error on your pack and now theres a warning sign on the behavior pack what do i do please respond when you can
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
Hey there,i like your addon so much but i discovered some bugs like the animation of some mobs had glitched a little and some textures of items are missing,also slightly decrease the spawn rate of some mobs because they keep spawning in my world too frequently causes my game to lag,please fix this if you can.
I just installed it and there is no generation of mobs, only 3 appear and from the structures the small huts and towers are repeated in each area and no other appears, maybe you could see that
How i can craft the Dragon steel ingot?
In which layer is the steel generated?
the goblins are invisible for me. is there anyway to fix this?
Hey man this doesn't work on PC anymore. Can you fix the MCpacks? I love this addon but cant play my worlds now
For now it works if you use the zip, Extract the zip and manually put the folders in.
Do mobs spawn anywhere or is there a way to stop where they spawn?
Hello there, perhaps you should add new easter eggs to make it more exciting!