Published on September 20, 2020 (Updated on August 14, 2022)

basepvp Texture Pack (Java & Bedrock)

basepvp is a default-edit texture pack that aims towards competitive pvp players and casual gamers. This enhances the experience of the game without losing the original default style of Minecraft.

This pvp texture pack is created by philtachio, and is made available for the Java and Bedrock/MCPE editions of Minecraft. It is downloadable only on MCPEDL.

With 15 different sword styles to choose from, basepvp helps players to fight with their favorite sword style!

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basepvp v2 + v2.1 changes

Update Highlights

  • This update improves the overall theme of basepvp by updating the main palettes of the texture pack.


Color Palette Changes

  • Apple Palette is more vibrant and involves more hue-shifting
  • Beef involves more hue-shifting
  • Bows and Rods are darker and now have corresponding signals
  • Bread is darker and involves more hue-shifting
  • Carrot Palette is more vibrant
  • Chicken involves more hue-shifting
  • Diamond Palette is more vibrant and involves more hue-shifting
  • Emerald Palette involes more hue-shifting
  • Gold Palette looks more like actual gold and not butter (sorry butter fans)
  • Iron Palette is lighter
  • Mutton involves more hue-shifting
  • Netherite Palette is corrected
  • Porkchop involves more hue-shifting
  • Redstone involves more hue-shifting
  • Stone (Tools) Palette is darker
  • Wood (Tools) Palette is darker and corrected (correct hue-shifting)



  • Apple and Golden Apple now uses the "Jappa" version of the apple texture
  • Block of Gold, Iron, Diamond ... now uses the "Jappa" version of said block
  • Bread now uses the "Jappa" version of the bread texture
  • Emerald, Gold, Iron, Netherite now uses the "Jappa" version of said item
  • Netherrack now uses the "Jappa" version of the Netherrack texture
  • Pants/Leggings (Item) now have comple pixels on the waist area of the texture
  • Wool Blocks are now vibrant


  • GUI is cleaner (more transparency but with style)
  • Main Menu Panorama now has the night sky (but pixelated to conserve space)
  • Options_Background.png now has a dark blue checkered pattern
  • XP Bar shape is purely rectangular (replaced the curves with sides)



  • The color palette is heavily changed because I think it's an improvement compared to the previous ones.
  • The logo of basepvp has been recolored to match the new palette.
  • Some textures have used the "Jappa" textures because it's easier (for me) to edit the textures.


v2.1 changes

  • The pack information like the description in manifest.json is updated to rename dfocusstyle to philtachio.
  • The sky watermark is changed to 开心果.
  • Java version will be coming soon!
  • Posters will be updated soon!


  • MCPEDL Submission 1.2.0 added basepvp v2.1 changes



Installation Guides

Hey! I am a Chinese version of Minecraft developer, I think your material is really cool, can I post your material to the Chinese version of Minecraft resource center, I will show you are the author and I will not charge people to use this material pack!
how does this sh¡t have so many downloads I literally dont get it…
This is a great texture!
I use BasePVP Vapor for Java, and it's the best PVP resource pack I've come across.
Best Texture pack I have ever downloaded smooth, customisable, and give mobile players the ability to reload commands they used in that session. I must say a 10/10
I like this pack, it looks cool.
very smooth all server thank
Very good, but I found some bugs. 1) when you have a new control, the joystick just disappears (this is more of a minor inconvenience than a full-fledged problem, but I would like it to be fixed)
2)When you have a skin made in the built-in editor of minecraft, this skin also disappears and instead of it there is a default Steve's skin
Everything else is cool
im on education edition and the main menu doesn't work 4 me :(
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(mcpack) data: to fix the sight bug I recommend that you do the following. step 1: have both versions of the package. 2: install the packages in minecraft(mcpack). 3: Go to RUN ( Windows + r ) then paste %appdata% and go to C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games . 4: being in games go to “resures packs” then copy the “gui” files from the normal package. 5: and paste it in the lite package gui files, if it asks you to replace you do it. (AND AFTER FOLLOWING ALL THE STEPS THERE IS ONLY PLAY) I HOPE IT HELPS YOU
(mcpack) dato:para arreglar el bug de la mira les recomiendo que hagan lo siguiente.paso 1:tener las dos versiones del paquete. 2:instalar los paquetes en minecraft(mcpack). 3: ir a ¨¨EJECUTAR¨¨( Windows + r )luego pegar %appdata% e ir a C:\Users\usuario\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games . 4: estando en games ir a ¨¨resures packs¨¨ luego copiar los archivos de ¨¨gui¨¨ de el paquete normal . 5:y pegarlo en los archivos de ¨¨gui¨¨ del paquete lite,si te pide remplazar lo haces. (Y LUEGO DE SEGUIR TODOS PASOS SOLO QUEDA JUGAR) ESPERO QUE LOS AYA AYUDADO
I found a bug in your texture(only on lite version,v1.5,this version),where the crosshair is weird and broken looking,could you please fix it for the next update?(remember,this is only on lite version,i used this for fps boost,also,this might be only on mcpe,but not on other bedrock versions and java),still,great pack,this is what i expect on a pvp pack
Thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix that in the next update
oyeee quisiera que dejaras las versiones anteriores del pack por que me gustaban mas, no se por que lo tienes borrar las otras versiones, pero quisiera la de creo que es la v1.2 o la 1.3 o 1.4 jeje es que no me acuerdo bien
I see the concern, try to join my Discord Server which is linked on this post. I'll try to assist you there, Thanks!
im not sure if this works on 1.18 tho its 1.17 rn