Published on April 19, 2023

Bedrock Developer Art

Since 1.13, we have seen Mojang trying to change old textures, giving it a smoother and more polished contrast to the world of Minecraft. Nostalgia became a dream for veteran players as Minecraft is losing its magical beauty. This is my version of Programmer Art packs for Bedrock Edition. It may look similar to other packs, but this is my representation of what the new contents might look like if they were made in developer art.

Select version for changelog:


Pack is now officially uploaded to!


As well as some texture changes:


Block Changes:


  • Added new textures for cave vines
  • Archeology Sand textures has been reworked again based on feedback 
  • Reworked cherry woodset texture for finishing touches
  • Changed stonecutter textures to match old Pocket Edition style 
  • Changed calcite textures 
  • Ceramic Pot pictures are now colored to match Minecraft Live 2020
  • Added calibrated sculk sensor textures 
  • Added pitcher plant textures (preparation)


Item Changes:


  • Added new textures for raw metals
  • Fixed goat horns texture 
  • Fixed glow ink sac texture
  • Added new texture for glow berries
  • Added various changes for armor trimmings:

*Dune and Sentry trims are now changed to match Bedrock Preview/Beta

*Added new style for Host, Raiser, Shaper, Silence and Wayfinder trim items

  • Added sniffer spawn egg texture
  • Ceramic Shard textures are now colored to match Minecraft Live 2020 (new shards are supported too)
  • Changed torchflower seeds texture
  • Added pitcher pod texture (preparation)


Mob Changes:


  • Added sniffer textures


Supported Minecraft versions


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(Sorry of this is the second comment I send, I can't find my another comment, and I think the comment not post, if it's posted, sorry for repost) Hi, can you put the EnderMan(and ender dragon if you think gonna be cool) eyes green? Gonna be like the old versions
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the depilate texture does not work.
Ruby Likes Sonic 2 May 04, 2023 at 5:57 pm
Cool pack, just one thing I'd suggest is - for the sake of reducing bloated files sizes and to make sure the pack is compatible with other packs, you should only include the files you are changing inside of the mcpack. If you don't change something, there is no need to include it, the pack will work just fine :)
hey! you finally uploaded this pack to Mcpedl! much appreciated