➡️ Bedrock Escape Room [PUZZLE MAP]

This facility is a series of secure rooms made entirely of BEDROCK. Each room is filled with puzzles, and sometimes going back isn't an option. If you don't think through your decisions carefully, you will fail.

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Updated the lore to make it more clear what is actually part of the game.



  • Bedrock_Escape_Room.mcworld (287.81 KB)

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This comment might be a bit late but...
you can throw the ender pearl to the edge of the command block and the bedrock hallway roof in the first room and glitch out of the prison and escape.
Im stuck on the water room. Please help.
When I exported the file, it said "Incorrect file format"
So long as you're running bedrock edition it should be fine. To open the world, just double-click the file and open it with Minecraft.
I like doing minecraft challenges but there is one thing that I don't understand- at the beginning it says someone will come to feed you??!! Also, it says something about a necklace.
Sorry for the confusion! The feeding part is just a bit of lore, it doesn't actually happen. The necklace is a hint to the ender-pearl that you find in the chest once you've opened the door.
I get this message when trying to download:

Download link is expired
I don't know what's going on there, sorry. I've tried downloading both signed in and signed out -- and from different devices. It works every time. I'll try re-uploading the files to see if it helps :)