Bedrock Tweaks

Improve your Game Experience with Bedrock Tweaks.
A custom pack picker to allow you choose whatever you want in the game!

A Complete Unofficial Port of Vanilla Tweaks to Minecraft Bedrock/MCPE/MCBE/Win10/XboxOne/PS4/Switch/Android/iOS

170+ Resource Packs
15+ Addons
20+ Crafting Tweaks

Here is the proof that I’m allowed to use and redistribute this rework of the Java version to Bedrock Edition.
All needed information is in the link below this text.
Legal use authorization and conditions.

Any issue with it contact me and will provide any needed evidence and/or proof.

A lot of small tweaks to improve your game experience from small texture quirks to a little bigger things as improved recipes or mechanics.

Choose only the features you want from them and download them All In One file with the website selector system.

Resource Packs 

You can choose a lot of things from Redstone Improvements

 Passing through some small game fixes

Tweaks to find ores faster

Dark UI, Brewing Cheat Tables, Alternative Enchant Glint

Quick Crafting

Hunger Preview

Fully Grown Kelp

And a lot more!


Offering different tweaks as Graves

Percent Customizable Multiplayer Sleep
2 Players, 100% Required

2 Players, 1% Required

Afk Display

Different Anti Mob Griefs

Villager Death Notifier

And more, and more!

Crafting Tweaks

Back to Blocks

Universal Dyeing

Straight to Shapeless

Craftable Gravel

Craftable Notch Apple

Powder to Glass

Rotten Flesh to Leather

And more, More, MORE!!

Download Available Right Now on Bedrock Tweaks Website!!

Any issues with this packs report them to DrAv0011 and not to the Vanilla Tweaks Team, Xisuma Void or MCPEDL.

For Bugs, Updates, Requests or any issue regarding Bedrock Tweaks: Contact

Changelog View more

Added link at the start of the post where it shows proof that I have permission to make this port of Vanilla Tweaks to Bedrock. 


Supported Minecraft versions


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34 Responses

4.59 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. maxis19 says:

    Muy buenos, I downloaded almost all of the packs


  2. Sixth says:

    Thank you so much for this. Many of the things included here are things i’ve been looking for. Only thing I can see being improved is the rainbow xp bar. The bar doesn’t work when I first open up minecraft and load a world. I have to close out and reload the world for it to work. It’s a small issue so still 5 stars. Great job.

  3. klutzyy says:

    Do you have discord ? , i would love to help you and join your team XD . I make packs and etc that can be added or used to Bedrock tweaks , i also got like ideas and stuff . 🙂

  4. YasThePr022 says:

    I cant download!!!!!!!😭😭

  5. This is a awesome pack, bro.

  6. xanion says:

    The new pack customisation system is perfect!
    Great to see this finally on mcpedl – I hope your web host can handle the increased traffic haha

  7. Sonic8815 says:

    When I try to download it it just brings me to a blank page and doesn’t give me the download.

  8. GodlessFC says:

    The addon works perfectly fine, best Add-on for Minecraft bedrock currently, 1 thing don’t seem to work for me (I’m using iPad) The option to see locked visible trades doesn’t work… unless I am reading what it does wrong… what is it supposed to do?

  9. my_crafting says:

    Amazing You are one of the people who makes stuff that I like 10/10

  10. It is not good that you do not put the link to the original page and that you do not give credits to the original creators, however you have made very good conversions of the packs, I have also converted utilities of that page before.

  11. DiegoBrandoX says:

    This is the best add-on for survival I’ve ever seen

  12. SharkModder says:

    Amazing so many features to choose from, easy download and you can pick whatever one you want in the pack! You dont need to download each individual one either.

  13. The Sign Painter says:

    This is an absolutely wonderful idea. Thank you for putting the effort of putting it into Minecraft!

  14. Lord_Khufu says:

    Very love the quick craft feature !

  15. SirSinisterSquid says:

    Ignore me, just realized you have to select the files you want to download.

  16. SirSinisterSquid says:

    All the download links just sends me to a blank screen, please help. Is there something I am doing wrong?

  17. justZitt_ says:


  18. fbicat says:

    Please plaease please add a craft for name tags! Maybe 3 paper, a string and iron nugget?

    Hopefully you read this

  19. GabrielPonte16 says:

    This is incredible, the best thing I have seen of Minecraft Bedrock

  20. Vishal Gupta says:

    how can i download this addon

    • Noodly says:

      go to the website, go to addons, or resource packs, choose which ones you want and click download, the ones you choose will all be packed into one file you can import into minecraft

  21. Noodly says:

    this is great, didnt think something like this existed for bedrock! why doesn’t this have more recognition??

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